March 2022

14th Graduates Day Program

Mysuru, March 28, 2022: The 14th Graduation day program will be held at the JSS Autonomous College, Ooty Road, Mysuru, on March 31, 2022, Thursday, at 11.30 am, in the divine presence of His Holiness Jagadguru Sri Shivarathri Deshikendra Mahaswamiji.

Dr. B.S. Nagendra Parashar, Vice-Chancellor, Bahra University, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, will be the chief guest and address the students. Dr. C.G. Betsurmath, Executive Secretary, JSS Mahavdiyapeetha, will preside over the program.

Students of the college who have passed undergraduate and postgraduate degree examinations in 2020-21 are eligible to participate in this program. A total number of 999 graduates, including 533 undergraduates and 466 postgraduates, of which 526 girls are expected to take part in this program. 64 toppers will be honored on the occasion.

Invitations have been sent to all the graduates. Prof. B.V. Sambashivaiah, Chief Executive of the College, and Principal Prof. M.P. Vijayendra Kumar have requested all the students to register their names from 9.30 am, and 10.30 am on the day of the program.

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National-level seminar on ‘Transgenics and Protein Therapeutics’ held at JSS College, Ooty Road, Mysore

Mysuru, March 28, 2022: The Department of Postgraduate in Biotechnology, JSS College of Arts, Commerce and Science, Ooty Road, Mysuru, had organized a national-level seminar on the topic, ‘Transgenics and Protein Therapeutics,’ sponsored by the KSTA, today.

Dr. S. Umesha, Professor, DoS in Biotechnology, University of Mysore, inaugurated the seminar and delivered the keynote address. He stressed the importance of advanced technologies like transgenic technology, in combining malnutrition, and increasing the yield of the agricultural crop to meet the growing demand with an increase in population. He also highlighted the application part of transgenic technology and genetic engineering in the production of therapeutic proteins like insulin, monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, vaccines, etc.

Prof. B.V. Sambashivaiah, Chief Executive of the JSS College Campus, in his presidential remarks emphasized the importance of transgenic and recombinant DNA technology in the production of therapeutically important proteins to combat infectious diseases, as well as cancer.
Prof. M.P. Vijayendra Kumar, Principal of the College welcomed the guests, and Dr. B.Y. SAtish Kumar, Head, Postgraduate Department of Biotechnology proposed a vote of thanks.

In the technical sessions, resource persons Dr. Ishwarappa S. Katageri, Professor and Associate Director of Research, University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad, Dr. Niranjan Murthy, Prof. (Retd.) Department of Genetics and Plant Breeding. University of Agricultural Sciences, GKVK, Bengaluru, and Dr. Raghavendra, Principal Scientist, Himalaya Wellness Centre – R & D, Bengaluru, gave a detailed presentation on transgenics, recombinant technology, genetic engineering, and its application in the production of the therapeutic protein.

Details about the importance of biotechnology and current career opportunities in the field of biotechnology were provided to the students who participated in the program.

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National Science Day celebrations at JSS B.Ed. College in Suttur

The Science Association of the JSS B.Ed. College, Suttur, had organized a program as part of the ‘National Science Day. Sri G. Shadakshariswamy, Lecturer, Govt. PU College, Begur, Sri D.S. Prabhuswamy, Teacher, Govt. High School, Heads of various departments of the JSS Institutions, Suttur, and B.Ed. College lecturers are seen in the picture.

Suttur, March 26, 2022: The Science Association of the JSS B.Ed. College, Suttur, had organized a program to observe the ‘National Science Day.’

Sri G. Shadakshariswamy, Lecturer, Govt. PU College, Begur, participated as the chief guest of the program. In his address, he informed that science teaching should trigger curiosity among the students, they should explain to the students how science is applicable in daily lives. He also explained the points about Sir C.V. Raman’s Spectrum of Light (The Raman Effect).

In his address, Sri D.S. Prabhuswamy, Teacher, Government High School, Hosahundi, said that the contribution of Indians in the area of science is immense and felt we should all be proud of it.

In his introductory speech, Sri B.J. Adarsh of the Science Association briefly explained the life history and efforts of Sir C.V. Raman and how he got the Nobel prize.

Dr. H.M. Mahesh, Principal, JSS B.Ed. College, Nanjangud, in his address, observed that human beings should also adapt to nature and live like how animals live. He felt that the students should develop a scientific mindset and live independently.

Heads of various departments of JSS Institutions, Suttur, Sri S.Shivaswamy, Sri G. Shivamallu, Smt. C.P. Nirmala, Sri B.M. Siddappa and others were present.

Earlier, the program commenced with an invocation by Smt. Meghasri and team. Kum. Archana gave a vote of thanks and Kum. Bhumika mastered the program.

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Applications invited for admission to JSS Free Residential School

Suttur, March 25, 2022: The JSS Free Residential School, Suttur, has invited applications from eligible candidates seeking admissions for 1st to 10 standards (Kannada medium) and for 1st to 5th standard and 8th standard (English medium).

Admissions are provided for both boys and girls hailing from financially backward families in rural areas (daily wage workers, agricultural laborers, helpless, BPL category). Applications will be distributed till March 31. Interested persons can collect the applications directly by visiting the office in the school or can also download the applications from the school websites and

Last date to receive the applications is April 30. Those who intend to receive the applications by post should send the complete details of the student, along with the class for which admission is required and a self-addressed envelope with a Rs. 5 postal stamp pasted on it, to the Administrative Officer, JSS Educational Institutions, Suttur – 571129, Nanjangud Taluk, Mysuru District.

Arrangements are made to provide applications through WhatsApp also. Applications should be submitted along with all the required documents, including the marks card of the standard passed, photograph of the student, Aadhar card copies of the student and both the parents, ration card, caste and income tax.

Parents/caretakers are herewith asked not to contact any mediators or other persons to receive the applications or for admission process. Interested persons can contact the office directly.

For more details call 7411486938 (WhatsApp), Higher Primary School 08211-232054, High School 08221-232653, Basaveshwara Hostel 08221-232332, Office of the Coordinating Officer 08221-232323.

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11 couples tie the knot at the monthly mass marriage program in Suttur

Eleven couples tied the knot at the 103rd monthly mass marriage program held at the Suttur Srimath. Seen in the picture are Sri S.P. Udayashankar, Administrative Officer, Sri V. Shivaraudraswamy, Heads of various departments of the JSS Educational Institution, Suttur, conveners of the mass marriage forum, and others.

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Striving for excellence is one of the fundamental duties: Mr. Ashwin D. Gowda

Mysuru, March 22, 2022: “Striving for excellence should become the prominent priority of the students in this competitive world,” opined Mr. Ashwin D. Gowda, Managing Director, KSDC Govt. of Karnataka.

He inaugurated the one-day UGC sponsored workshop on the topic, “Skill Development for Students,” organized by the Department of English (UG & PG), in association with the IQAC, JSS College of Arts, Commerce and Science, Ooty Road, Mysuru.

In his inaugural address, Mr. Ashwin D. Gowda advised the students to develop soft skills as it is the need of the hour and adapt themselves to the changing demands of the job market. He felt that students should strive for excellence, which can be considered as one of the fundamental duties. Students should not only demand their rights but also be aware of their duties and limitations in the job market. Communication and time management should become the core factor of their learning, he observed.

Chief guest Dr. Latha K. C., Education Officer, UGC SWRO, Bengaluru, who is one of the proud alumni of the college opined that the students should focus more on their goal, and not be carried away by the alluring social media. She felt that emotional intelligence is the most important aspect of the present competitive world. Students must learn to manage emotions in order to become successful in their respective fields. They should acquire all the required soft skills for a better future, she added.

Prof. B V Sambashivaiah, Chief Executive of the College, in his presidential remarks said that the students should make use of the opportunities provided through such workshops. He mentioned the various initiatives taken by the Central and State Governments to integrate skill components in higher education under NEP 2020. He advised the students to make use of those opportunities to improve their overall personality as the ultimate goal of education is to get a better job.

Earlier in the program, Dr. H C Honnappa, Principal welcomed the dignitaries. Ms. Sannidi rendered an invocation, Dr. Poornima M., Head, Department of English proposed a vote of thanks, and Smt. Vasumathi P., Assistant Professor, English, compered.

The inaugural session was followed by five technical sessions. Dr. Dharmaprasad created awareness among the students about the requirement of soft skills in jobs.

In the second technical session, Mr. Umesh, Senior Principal Consultant, Infosys, Mysuru, spoke about the ‘Current Trends in IT Industry.

Dr. S A Mahankrishna, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Vidyavardaka College of Engineering, spoke on ‘Skills for Shaping and Moulding Students’.

Prof. Rajagopal (Retd.), The English and Foreign Language University, Hyderabad, enlightened the students on ‘Communication Skills’.
In the last session Dr. Lancy D’ Souza, Dept. of Psychology, Maharaja’s College, Mysuru, spoke on ‘Effective Study Habits’.

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Special Prasada distribution arrangements was made for more than 3000 students of the JSS Residential School, Suttur, sponsored by Sri D.B. Rajashekaramurthy

Special Prasada distribution arrangements was made for more than 3000 students of the JSS Residential School, Suttur, sponsored by Sri D.B. Rajashekaramurthy, during the Mysore Rotary North Division Assembly meeting, held at Suttur. Rotary District Governor Sri Ravindra Bhat, office-bearers and Heads of various departments of the JSS Residential School, Suttur, are seen in the picture.

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Performance of teachers is the Hall-mark of NEP 2020: Dr.Nijagal Siddalingaswamy

Mysuru, March 18, 2022: “Performance is the hallmark of survival as per the New Education Policy,” opined Dr. Nijagal Siddalingaswamy, former Director, AICTE.

He inaugurated a state-level program on Capacity Building Program for Teachers, held at the JSS College of Arts, Commerce and Science, Ooty Road, Mysuru, sponsored by the UGC.

He delivered a lecture on the topic, “Capacity-building of In-service Teachers through Innovative Approaches.”

“The 21st century education is based on perform or perish system. Under the new education system, teachers cannot restrict themselves to their respective domains, but they should enhance their overall knowledge. They should make use of available educational platforms like SWAYAM and MOOC,” he explained.

He also spoke on various other aspects like Digital Library, NDL, Digi-Locker, Online, ODL, and other e-Knowledge resources. In spite of all these, he said that the world is wide open and a teacher should be smart enough to guide the students and prove themselves that there is no substitute for teachers. Thus, they should make themselves inevitable for the education system.

B V Sambashivaiah, CEO of the JSS College presided over the function. Dr. H.C. Honnappa, Principal, welcomed the gathering.

The inauguration was followed by two technical sessions. Prof. G. Venkatesh Kumar, Chairman, DOS in Psychology, University of Mysore, spoke on the topic ‘Teacher as a Mentor.’ In the second technical session, Prof. Lancy D’Souza spoke on ‘Effective Classroom Management.’

Sannidhi of I MSc rendered an invocation. Dr. Kumudini Achchi, proposed a vote of thanks and anchored the programme.

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Skill-based education essential for a bright future: Prof. G. Hemanth Kumar

Mysuru, March 15, 2022: “Though people were interested to learn there were no proper resources of knowledge. But today are so many sources from where we can gain knowledge. But we should have the interest to read. Please make good use of your precious time. Only knowledge can make our dreams of a good society possible. Today there are so many opportunities to learn. However, skill-based education is very much required in today’s competitive world. Students should keep this in mind while learning,” observed Prof. G. Hemanth Kumar, Vice-Chancellor, University of Mysore.

He participated in ‘Abhivinayasa’, a two-day student induction program, organized at the JSS College of Arts, Commerce and Science, Ooty Road, Mysuru, for the benefit of the new students who have enrolled for PG courses.

In his address, he said, “More number of girls are enrolling for higher education which shows that our country is progressing. The form of education is changing from time to time, and so are the methods of examination. Today’s students also have the challenge of inculcating skills along with obtaining degrees and becoming industry-ready while they pass out of college. Though there are many opportunities and facilities to learn, students require to gain the required skills through extensive research and understanding. This is the right age to obtain skills. Use your strength for it,” he advised.

In his presidential address, Sri S.P. Shadakshariswamy, former Chairman, Karnataka Public Services Commission (KPSC) observed, “It is a world of knowledge. Only a person who has sound knowledge will survive in this world. Many made huge achievements through their knowledge. You have to work hard to gain knowledge. Developing general knowledge along with the curriculum is required today. But unfortunately, the youth have remained behind in this factor. Students should gain all kinds of knowledge. Print media can help you a lot in this regard. I suggest you inculcate a habit of reading columns that appears in newspapers,” he said.

In his introductory speech, Prof. B. V. Sambashivaiah, Chief Executive of the College said, “Our college has received several recognitions including NAAC ‘A’ grade. We have introduced the JSS Radio 91.2 MHz in the college premises which has started functioning. There are opportunities to undertake research in many subjects, we have also opened a research center for your benefit and we have also provided all the required resources. The College also is providing skill-based teaching to meet your professional needs. Students should make good use of it and fulfill the dreams of their parents and society.”

Earlier the program commenced with an invocation by Kum. Sannidhi. Principal Dr. H.C. Honnappa welcomed and Dr. Kumudini Aachi comperd. Dr. Rajendra Prasad gave a vote of thanks.

Prof. H.B. Devanna, Principal Dr. H.C. Honnappa, Dr. V. ManjunathGuru, Prof. R.M. Chintamani (Retd.), Examination Regulating Officer Dr. B. Prabhuswamy, IQAC convener Dr. N. Rajendra Prasad, Dr. H.S. Kumar, of UoM, English Professor Dr. S.M. Prakash, Librarian Smt. S.C. Shobha, Professors Dr. R. Suhas, Prof. T.V. Latha, Dr. Kumudini Aachi, and Physical Education Instructor Sri M. Kartik will speak on various topics in the two-day program.

A total number of 611 first-year PG students of all the 15 postgraduate departments are taking part in the program.

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Country chicken farming should grow like an enterprise

Suttur, March 12, 2022: The ICAR JSS Krishi Vignana Kendra, Suttur, had organized a three-day training program on how to make country chicken farming a profitable business.

Sri Sagar Urs, Brand Founder, Mysuru Nati Koli brand, participated in the valedictory program. In his address, he said, “Our brand has become popular as a result of 10 years of hard work and efforts and deep research. As a result of this, we have reached other States through our business. The country chicken and eggs has good demand in the market. But the percentage of country chicken in the market is less. Hence, farmers should focus on taking up country chicken farming scientifically and consider it as an enterprise seriously and increase their income. He advised that it can also be taken up as a self-employment and become a successful entrepreneur.

Dr. Raghavendra T.P., Chief Veternarian, Veterinary Hospital, Suttur, delivered a lecture on chicken farming. He informed about the various programs made available by the ICAR JSS KVK for the benefit of farmers in the areas of agriculture and animal husbandry and advised the farmers to make proper use of all the programs and gain more profits and become progressive farmers.

Dr. Ashok Kumar M.R., Veterinarian of the Veterinary Hospital, Toremavu spoke about chicken farming industry and various breeds. He observed that the ICAR JSS KVK has been organizing several training programs and workshops for the benefit of farmers, by inviting expert resource persons. He advised the farmers to make good use of it.

Suttur Veterinary Hospital Veterinarian Dr. Raghavendra T.P. distributing training completion certificates to the participants.

Dr. Rakshith Raj U.M., Veterinarian, JSS KVK spoke about meat chicken and country chicken farming, feeding, diseases, prevention of diseases and vaccination.

Senior scientists of ICAR JSS KVK and Head (Incharge) Smt. H.V. Divya spoke in the program and wished that one day the participants of the training program would participate as the resource person in the programs organized by JSS KVK.

Progressive farmer Maalingaiah Rajanna, Suresh Patel, from Challakere, Chitradurga, Krishnappa, from Nanjangud and 49 other farmers participated in the training program. Dr. Rakshith Raj U.M. mastered the program and gave a vote of thanks.

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