May 2022

JSS Residential School Raises Awareness on World No Tobacco Day

Suttur, May 31, 2022: JSS Residential School in Suttur took a proactive step in promoting awareness about the adverse impacts of tobacco consumption on the occasion of World No Tobacco Day. The program aimed to educate students and discourage the use of tobacco products.

The event, attended by students, teachers, and heads of various departments, featured an enlightening address by the school’s Science teacher, Sri K.B. Shivanand. With his expertise and insights, Shivanand shed light on the detrimental effects associated with the use of tobacco.

The initiative by JSS Residential School aimed to instill in students a sense of responsibility towards their health and well-being, encouraging them to make informed choices and avoid tobacco products. By creating awareness about the risks involved, the school hopes to contribute to a healthier and tobacco-free future for its students.

World No Tobacco Day is observed annually on May 31st, highlighting the global efforts to eradicate the use of tobacco and raise awareness about the health risks associated with it.

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JSS INYS Celebrates Graduation Day with Prestigious Ceremony

Prof. P. Kaliraj, Vice-Chancellor of Bharathiyar University, addresses the graduands at the Graduation Day ceremony held at JSS Institute of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences, Coimbatore. Sri. Mahesh. R, Director, Medical Education, JSS MVP, presides over the event as Dr V.R. Dhilip, Principal and CMO, administers the oath to the 143 graduating students from the 18th and 19th batches, who receive their well-deserved graduation certificates.

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Golden Jubilee Endowment Lecture

Golden Jubilee Endowment Lecture- 11 was held on 26th May 2022 in the divine presence of His Holiness Jagadguru Sri Shivarathri Deshikendra Mahaswamiji at Sri Rajendra Centenary Auditorium, JSS Hospital, Mysuru. Sri. Harish Hande, co-founder and Chairman of SELCO Solar Private Ltd. gave the golden jubilee lecture.

The book ” Sadhana- Path of Liberation” speech by Sri. M was released during the occasion.

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JSS College Organizes National Symposium on Regenerative Agriculture for Sustainable Food Production

Mysuru, May 26, 2022: The Postgraduate Departments of Biochemistry at JSS College of Arts, Commerce, and Science, in collaboration with the Department of Biotechnology at JSS Science and Technology University and Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering, JSS TI Campus, Mysuru, are proud to announce the organization of a one-day national level symposium. Titled “Regenerative Agriculture – A Sustainable Technology for Global Food Production,” this symposium aims to provide valuable insights to life science teachers, research scholars, and postgraduate students. The event will take place on May 27, 2022, at JSS College, located on Ooty Road, Mysuru.

Supported by the Karnataka Science and Technology Academy (KSTA), the Government of Karnataka, this symposium is set to bring together approximately 150 delegates from diverse backgrounds to explore the concept of regenerative agriculture and its role in ensuring sustainable food production.

Distinguished guests and experts will grace the symposium with their presence and share their knowledge on the subject matter. Dr. Sanjay M.T., Professor & Scheme Head, AICRP on IFS, UAS, GKVK, Bengaluru, will inaugurate the symposium at 10:30 am. The keynote address will be delivered by Prof. B.V. Sambashivaiah, Chief Executive of JSS College. Sri. N.M. Shivashankarappa, Director, Horticulture Division, JSS Mahavidyapeetha, Mysuru, will preside over the event.

The symposium aims to foster a deeper understanding of regenerative agriculture practices, which contribute to sustainable food production on a global scale. By bringing together experts and participants from various locations, the event seeks to promote knowledge exchange and collaboration in the field of agriculture and sustainability.

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Twelve couples tied the knot at the 105th monthly mass marriage program conducted by the Suttur Srimath, at Suttur today. Sri Sampath, Additional Coordinator, JSS Institutions, Sri Veerbhadraiah, Assistant Coordinating Officer and others are seen in the picture

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Prof. H.T. Basavarajappa Encourages Student Participation in Competitions for Improved Efficiency and Confidence

Mysuru, May 23, 2022: Prof. H.T. Basavarajappa, Dean, Faculty of Science & Technology, University of Mysore, emphasized the importance of competition in today’s competitive world, encouraging students to participate with confidence to enhance their skills and potential. He inaugurated the national-level JSS Scientia T20 Orate Competition organized by the UG and PG Departments of JSS College of Arts, Commerce, and Science, Mysuru.

During his inaugural address, Prof. Basavarajappa highlighted the significance of developing self-confidence and acquiring the necessary skills to achieve one’s dreams. He stressed the integration of science and technology for a sustainable environment, urging students to continuously update their knowledge in their respective domains.

Referencing the notable inventor Thomas Edison, Prof. Basavarajappa emphasized the value of facing challenges and embracing competition with courage. He encouraged students to overcome their fears by participating in competitions, which would build their confidence and proficiency.

Presiding over the event, Prof. B.V. Sambashivaiah, Chief Executive of the College, emphasized the nuances of oratory skills and the importance of thorough subject knowledge before delivering a speech. He underscored the significance of multidisciplinary education and advised students to place greater emphasis on it. Prof. Sambashivaiah explained how famous orators like Demosthenes and Adolf Hitler meticulously prepared before delivering influential speeches.

The program, attended by more than 150 students and 20 teachers, witnessed an invocation by Ms. Sannidhi and her team, followed by welcoming remarks from Prof. M.P. Vijayendra Kumar, the Principal of the college. Dr. N. Vijendra Kumar skillfully conducted the program, while Ms. Kavya H.V., the Organizing Secretary, delivered a vote of thanks.

The competition, featuring 32 teams from across the country, will reward the top three performing teams with cash prizes and certificates.

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ICAR JSS Krishi Vigyan Kendra Organizes Kitchen Garden Training and World Bee Day Celebrations

Suttur, May 21, 2022: As part of the 75th Independence Day celebrations, the ICAR JSS Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Suttur, organized a program on “Kitchen Garden training and World Bee Day celebrations” on May 20, 2022, in Haratale Village, Nanjangud Taluk, Mysuru District.

The program aimed to raise awareness among participants about the significance of fruits and vegetables in boosting human immunity and maintaining good health. Emphasizing the importance of developing a kitchen garden, the event aimed to educate attendees on the cultivation of nutritious produce.

Smt. Netravathi Yettinamani, Home Scientist at JSS KVK, provided valuable insights into the qualities of various greens, vegetables, and fruits. She highlighted the iron-rich content of drumstick leaves, the blood deficiency-solving properties of curry leaves, the immune-boosting effects of lemon’s high Vitamin C content, and the health benefits of Sour Sop leaves (Chakramuni Soppu) and papaya.

The participants received detailed information on the cultivation and utilization of these nutritious plants in kitchen gardens.

Furthermore, the program shed light on the significance of honey, the benefits of apiculture, honey processing, and the available facilities from the Horticulture Department for apiculturists.

To further inspire the participants, visits to an Anganwadi and a primary school were arranged, where discussions took place regarding the development of kitchen gardens.

The event proved to be an enlightening experience, equipping participants with knowledge on establishing and maintaining their own kitchen gardens for improved health and well-being.

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JSS School, Suttur, registers 99% results in SSLC exam

  1. In Kannada 21 students have scored – 125/125
  2. In Hindi 7 students score – 100/100
  3. In Sanskrit 9 students – 100/100
  4. In Mathematics 2 students – 100/100
  5. In science 1 student has scored – 100/100
  6. In Social Science 20 students – 100/100

A total number of 525 students had appeared for 2021-22 SSLC exams from JSS High School, Suttur, out of which 517 of them have passed registering 99% results. Two hundred students have scored above 500 marks. While 124 students have secured distinction, 352 have secured first class and 34 students have secured second class.

Sahana M.A. and Sushmita M. Yadahalli have secured 621 out of 625 in English medium and have emerged has the toppers of the school. Neha Manjunath Desai is in the second place with 604 marks, followed by Vindu (602) in the third place. The results in English medium is 99.54%.

In Kannada medium Praveen S. Mathapati has secured 611 marks and emerged as the topper, followed by Siddanagowda (601) second place and Vijayalakshmi Mylarappa Shirahatti (600) in the third place. The result of Kannada medium is 98.03%.

Nagabitai, a student from Meghalaya has secured 108 marks in Kannada and 508 total marks. Ibapinjai, Sanlotabam have also secured good marks. 21 students who had opted Kannada as first language have scored 125 out of 125. Seven students who had taken Hindi has third language, 9 students who had taken Sanskrit as third language have also scored out of out marks. Likewise, one student in Science, 20 in Social Science have also secured 100 out of 100 marks.

Administrative officers, Coordinating officers, Heads of various departments, Headmasters, Teachers, Wardens, Caretakers and non-teaching staff of the institution have congratulated all the students for producing good results.

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Dr. Vimal Jerald Advocates Embracing Technology in Education for Globally Competent Minds

Mysuru, May 20, 2022: Dr. Vimal Jerald, Assistant Professor of Computer Science at St. Joseph’s College, Trichy, emphasized the need for teachers to adopt technology to cultivate globally competent minds. He shared his insights during the inaugural program of a five-day state-level workshop on ‘Learning Management System (LMS)’ organized by JSS College of Arts, Commerce and Science, Mysuru, as an initiative of the IQAC.

Dr. Jerald projected a future where the current higher education system will be replaced by a blended model of education. He highlighted the corporate culture’s eagerness to integrate technology-based course delivery in the competitive world, indicating the shifting landscape of education.

Underlining the importance of multidisciplinary approaches, Dr. Jerald emphasized the necessity of providing different modes of education to students. He stressed the increasing demand for human resources with strong technical skills in online teaching, envisioning a global education system in the coming years.

Furthermore, he underscored the significance of equipping teachers with technical skills for effective online course delivery. He discussed the importance of information communication through technology-mediated teaching, learning, and evaluation (ICT-TLE) in today’s educational landscape.

Presiding over the program, Prof. B.V. Sambashivaiah, Chief Executive of the College, highlighted the salient features of the Learning Management System (LMS). He described the pivotal role played by the server and user interface in designing an effective LMS. Prof. Sambashivaiah advised teachers to acquire relevant skills and knowledge about LMS to actively contribute as online content developers, teachers, and evaluators.

Moreover, Prof. Sambashivaiah shed light on the scope of online education, referencing the University Grants Commission’s provision for a blended mode of education and open distance learning. He explained the UGC’s notification regarding degree programs based on a 40% online and 60% offline mode.

The program witnessed a warm welcome by Prof. M.P. Vijayendra Kumar, the Principal of the college. An invocation was rendered by Ms. Sannidhi, and Dr. N. Rajendraprasad, the IQAC Coordinator, skillfully conducted the program, concluding with a vote of thanks.

Attended by 50 teachers and 100 students, the workshop provided a platform to explore the integration of technology in education, fostering the development of globally competent individuals.

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