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General Education – An Intro

Primary education is a crucial foundation for individual and societal development. It provides children and youth with the knowledge, skills, and competencies needed to succeed in life and equip them to become active and responsible citizens. It is also a catalyst for economic growth, social progress, and sustainable development. Moreover, education is a powerful tool for promoting gender equality, reducing poverty and inequality, and fostering peace and democracy. In short, it is a critical investment in the future of individuals, communities, and nations, with far-reaching benefits for future generations.

The realization of freedom and democracy is fundamentally linked to education, which Dr. Sri Shivaratri Rajendra Mahaswamiji recognized. In 1954, he founded a high school in Mysuru, marking the entry of Sri Suttur Math into education.

Under the General Education Division of JSSMVP, various educational institutions are operated, including Bala Jagat and crèches, Sanskrit schools, primary and high schools, junior colleges, degree colleges, PG centres, and autonomous institutions.