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The establishment of the JSS AHER (JSS Academy of Higher Education and Research) ,is a major step forward in the journey of JSSMVP since its inception around six decades ago. In order to set up the JSS AHER, a Society titled as, the JSS AHER Society, Mysore, was registered under the Karnataka Societies’ Registration Act, Regd No. MYS-S 61-07 on 8.5.2007. The Government of India, vide its notification No. E-9-9/2007, dt: 28-5-2008 notified the JSS AHER (as deemed to be University) with the following existing JSSMVP institutions affiliated to this JSS AHER.

  • JSS Medical College, Mysore (1984)
  • JSS Dental College, Mysore (1986)
  • JSS College of Pharmacy, Mysore (1973/1983)
  • JSS College of Pharmacy, Ooty (1980)

The objectives of the JSS AHER are providing good quality medical education and medical facilities, fostering research activities and imparting the latest knowledge of science and technology.

The medical educational institutions of JSS AHER under the disciplines of medicine, dental, surgery and pharmaceutical science provide education in 6 graduate courses and 48 postgraduate courses. PhDs have been awarded to 15 research scholars for their researches in the field of medical and dental science. All medical institutions have their own buildings with adequate and full facilities. During the year under report, a total of 2,800 students were studying in graduate and postgraduate courses in all these institutions which had faculty strength of 597 members. Also, 75 medical and dental graduates were engaged in research during the year.

Ten new courses were started during the year 2011-12 to provide HR training to staff to enable them to provide improved medical service in medical education institutions and hospitals as per requirement.

The JSS AHER has signed MoUs with many national and international institutions to enhance the quality of its work in the education and research fields. The list is given below.

  1. AIMST University, Malaysia
  2. Howard University, USA, College of Pharmacy
  3. Defence Research and Development Organizaiton, Bangalore
  4. CSIR – IGIB New Delhi
  5. IFGL Refractories Ltd., Kolkatta
  6. Sristek Company, Hyderabad
  7. Semler Research Centre, Bangalore

Under the International Exchange Program, as per the MoU with La Trobe University, Australia, in 2010, three students from La Trobe University visited JSS AHER for a duration of two weeks and had an interaction with the lecturers of Pharmaceutical science and students. Students of JSS Pharmaceutical Sciences were invited by the visiting students to visit La Trobe University.

The Second Convocation of the JSS AHER was held on 28-07-2011 in the presence of His Holiness Paramapujya Swamiji. Dr. R. Chidambaram, Chief Scientific Advisor to the Prime Minister was the Chief Guest on the occasion. About 180 graduates took part in the convocation and received their degrees. Twelve graduates have achieved distinction.

For more info visit https://www.jssuni.edu.in/