JSS Ayurveda Hospital, Sri Kshetra Suttur

|JSS Ayurveda Hospital, Sri Kshetra Suttur
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JSS Ayurveda Hospital, Sri Kshetra Suttur

JSS Ayurveda Hospital, Sri Kshetra Suttur
JSS Ayurveda Hospital, Sri Kshetra Suttur

Facilities and Treatments

  • Panchakarma treatment facilities.
  • All special treatments such as Shastikashali Pinda Sweda, Patra Pinda Sweda, Shirodhara, Netrakriyakalpa, and Agni karma.
  • Swarnaprashana Abhiyana.
  • Periodical free medical check-up camps.
  • Abhyanga (traditional whole-body massage)/Shirodhara helps to relax and release physical and mental stress.
  • Exclusive Panchakarma therapies.
  • Treatment for paralysis, sciatica, backache, spondylitis, skin problems, piles, jaundice, diabetic neuropathy, non-healing wounds and many others.
  • Study of our body nature and proper guidance for a perfect lifestyle.
  • Swarnaprashana – a golden drop for strong immunity in children.

About JSS Ayurveda Hospital, Sri Kshetra Suttur

JSS Ayurveda Hospital at Sri Kshetra Suttur was established in 2014 for the benefit of the rural people in and around Suttur. Most of the cases like Rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, Sciatica, skin disorders, headaches, gynaecological disorders, eye problems, piles, fistula etc., will be treated by our specialist doctors who have done Specialisation in respective departments. We also give awareness programs to students in educational institutions for the maintenance of their health like hygiene-related, nutritious foods and even related to the menstrual cycle and its hygiene and awareness. Since last year we have conducted two health check-up camps and three awareness programs from the Suttur Ayurveda Hospital.

Every month on Pushya nakshatra there will be Swaranaprashana for improving immunity and mental health in children. Often our gynaecologist visits girls’ hostel and guides them related to their menstrual hygiene and its issues to create awareness among them.

JSS Ayurveda Hospital, Srikshetra Suttur offers packages of ancient Ayurvedic treatments at affordable rates. The highly qualified doctors and skilled therapists treat the root cause of any illness and make the healing process a rejuvenating experience.

About Doctors and OPD Consultation.

  • Monday – Dr. Jyoti (Panchakarma)
  • Tuesday – Dr. Chaya (Shalakya Tantra – Eye, Nose, Ear, and Throat related)
  • Wednesday – Dr. Tejaswini (Prasuti and Streeroga Obstetrics and Gynaecologist) and Dr. Preethi (Kaumarabrutya – children’s specialist) 
  • Thursday  – Dr. Unnikrishnan (Kayachikitsa-Internal medicine)
  • Friday  – Dr. Aiyanna (Shalya Tantra – General surgery)
  • Saturday – Dr. Puneeth Kumar (Agadatantra- Forensic and toxicologist)
  • Working Hours: – Monday – Saturday: – 7.30AM to 4.00
  • OPD Consultation: -Monday – Saturday 09.30 AM to 4.00 PM
  • Closed on Sundays and Government Holidays (Inpatient scheduled treatments will continue holidays)


  1. Kayachikitsa – Kayachikitsa deals with the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of general diseases such as skin disorders, diabetes, tuberculosis, rheumatoid, etc. Charaka Samhita is the most important scripture of Kayachikitsa. It discusses the basic principles of treatment, various types of therapies and purification or detoxification methods.
  2. Kaumarabhritya (Paediatrics) – Kaumarabhritya or Baala Chikitsa means nourishing, supporting, and maintaining the health of children. It is a branch of Ayurveda, which deals with postnatal care of the baby and the mother.
  3. Panchakarma – Panchakarma is Ayurveda’s primary purification and detoxification treatment. It helps in the balancing of doshas (elements) in the body. The therapy comprises five basic types of advanced treatment for the evacuation of vitiated ‘dosha’ (toxic materials) from the body.
  4. Shalya Tantra (General surgery) – The original text of Susruta discusses in detail an exhaustive range of surgical methods, which includes dealing with various types of tumours, internal and external injuries, and bone fractures.
  5. Shalakya Tantra (Eye, Nose, Ear, and Throat related science) – Shalakya Tantra, a branch of Ashtanga Ayurveda, deals with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of all diseases occurring above the neck such as eyes, nose, ear, mouth, and head.
  6. Prasuti Tantra – This is concerned about reproductive dhatu (tissue), measures for maintaining a healthy pregnancy, factors injurious to pregnancy, abortion and its management, factors responsible for the inhibition of foetal growth and its care, dietary and other care of a pregnant woman, child delivery and post-natal care.
  7. Agadatantra – Agadatantra a branch of Ashtanga Ayurveda deals with the treatment of animal bites like dog bites, cat bites and insect bites, along with all visha conditions like cumulative toxicity, Ahara visha and Vishaja treatment in all chronic diseases.