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JSS Urban Health Centre

About JSS Urban Health Centre:

JSS Urban Health Centre, located approximately 3 km from JSS Medical College, serves a community of 8,000 slum dwellers. This health centre operating under the Department of Community Medicine was established in 2002 at Bamboo Bazaar, Mysuru.  It adheres to a core principle of delivering comprehensive healthcare encompassing promotive, preventive, curative, and rehabilitative services. The undergraduates, postgraduates, interns from JSS Medical College, students from JSS Nursing College, PG Department of Social Work, and interns from the Dental College are trained here. Free health camps are organized for vulnerable populations, and the health centre actively participates in observing health days and implementing National Health programs.

With a focus on multidisciplinary collaboration, the centre conducts research activities and manages internal and externally funded projects. Notably, it provides basic laboratory services, and advanced treatments through speciality clinics and engages in need-based initiatives targeting different groups, fostering community participation, conducting awareness sessions, and supporting women’s empowerment through activities like vocational training courses.

The healthcare centre has various speciality clinic departments like OBG, Medicine, Psychiatry, Surgery, Pediatrics, Dermatology, Orthopedics and Dental.


  • To provide comprehensive health care to the urban slum community.
  • To train students of MBBS, postgraduates, MPH, Interns, and students from other JSS institutions like JSS School of Nursing, College of Nursing, PG dept of social work, etc.
  • To implement various National Health Programmes.
  • To conduct Research activities.