July 2023

State-Level Seminar Sheds Light on Urgent Need for Biodiversity Conservation

Mysuru, July 28, 2023: A one-day state-level seminar on ‘Biodiversity Conservation: Strategies and Challenges (BCSC)’ was recently held at JSS College of Arts, Commerce, and Science, Ooty Road, Mysuru. The seminar, was organized as part of the G20 Jan Bhagidari, by the PG Department of Botany in collaboration with the Department of Studies in Botany, University of Mysore, Manasagangothri, on July 26, 2023.

Distinguished speakers, renowned researchers, faculty, and students gathered at the event to address the pressing issues of biodiversity loss and its consequences on the delicate ecological balance. The inaugural address was delivered by Prof. T.C. Taranath, Vice Chancellor of Hassan University, who emphasized the equal rights of every organism for life and decried the destructive impact of human greed and luxurious lifestyles on the beauty of nature.

Quoting the Sanskrit term ‘Asathoma Sadgamaya,’ Prof. Taranath emphasized the importance of peaceful coexistence among all living beings and urged the audience to recognize the urgency of conserving natural resources for the well-being of future generations.

The keynote address was presented by Prof. K.N. Amruthesh, Chairman of the Department of Studies in Botany at the University of Mysore. He drew attention to the alarming rate of species extinction caused by human activities and called for immediate action to conserve flora, fauna, and the entire biodiversity. Prof. Amruthesh showcased the significance of geographical regions like the Himalayas and Western Ghats, home to diverse plant families that play a vital role in ecological sustenance.

The seminar witnessed enlightening talks from experts in the field. Dr. M.U. Sharief, Scientist at the Botanical Survey of India, Coimbatore, shed light on the ‘Conservation of Biodiversity- A BSI Perspective’ during the first session. In the second session, Dr. R. Raghavendra Rao, Honorary Guest Faculty at JSS Academy of Science (Deemed Univ.), INSA Honorary Scientist, delivered a thought-provoking lecture on “Biological Diversity and Bio Prospection for Human Welfare – Concerns, Strategies, and Challenges for the 21st century.”

Prof. B.V. Sambashivaiah, Chief Executive of the college, presented detailed statistics on living species, land area, and the need for preserving biodiversity in India. He highlighted the significance of plants as sources of both traditional and modern medicines, emphasizing the threats posed by population explosion, global warming, and industrialization.

The seminar saw active participation from over 300 postgraduate Botany students, 65 faculty members, and 20 research scholars who benefitted from the knowledge and insights shared by the experts.

Principal Prof. M.P. Vijayendra Kumar warmly welcomed the esteemed guests, dignitaries, and participants to the event, while Organizing Secretary Prof. Biligiriranga extended a heartfelt vote of thanks. Dr. Sindhu G M skilfully mastered the program. Ms. Vasavi and team rendered an invocation.

The seminar successfully highlighted the urgent need for biodiversity conservation, fostering a sense of responsibility among attendees to protect and preserve the earth’s rich natural heritage for the benefit of future generations.

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Training on paddy cultivation techniques and Live telecast of the release of 14th Instalment of the PM Kisan Samman Program.

Suttur, July 28, 2023: A program to distribute the 14th instalment to the farmers under the PM Kisan Samman Program will be held at Nagpur in Rajasthan on 28.07.2023. The ICAR JSS Krishi Vigyan Kendra, has made arrangements for Live telecast of this program at its centre in Suttur.

A workshop on educating the farmers of the release of new alternative varieties  to ‘Jyothi’ paddy variety, and relevant technologies for paddy yield, integrated disease and pest management will also be held.

Interested farmers, including both men and women are requested to visit the ICAR JSS KVK at 10.30 am and utilize the benefits of the program.

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ICAR JSS Krishi Vigyan Kendra Organizes Integrated Crop Protection Training Program for Vegetable Crops in Suttur

Suttur, July 24, 2023 – The ICAR JSS Krishi Vigyan Kendra, in collaboration with Srikshetra Dharmastala Rural Development Program, successfully conducted a comprehensive ‘Plant Protection Training Program’ at Haratale Village.

Prominent Experts Share Valuable Insights

The training program featured Dr. Vinay G.M., Horticultural Scientist, who delivered a detailed session on nutrient management specifically tailored for tomato and chilli crops. He also shed light on the applications of integrated light nutrients to enhance crop yield.

Additionally, Dr. Prasad Y.P., Crop Conserver, provided valuable insights into identifying and managing various diseases that commonly affect vegetable crops during the rainy season. Participants were educated on combating diseases such as first blight disease, last blight disease, seedling blight disease, bacterial leaf spot disease, chilli trips, and spot diseases.

Empowering Farmers with Knowledge

The event witnessed an address by the Agriculture Officer from Srikshetra Dharmastala Rural Development Program (Retd.) B.C. Trust, Nanjangud, who emphasized the significance of mechanization in agriculture and highlighted the array of facilities offered by the trust to support farmers.

Practical Benefits for Farmers

During the technology inspection session at the conclusion of the program, plant conservation tools were distributed to selected farmers, further enhancing their crop protection capabilities.

Eager Participation and Utilization of Knowledge

More than 30 farmers, including Raju and Lokesh, actively participated in the training program, eagerly leveraging the knowledge shared by the experts to enhance their agricultural practices.

ICAR JSS Krishi Vigyan Kendra Organizes Integrated Crop Protection Training Program for Vegetable Crops in Suttur

The program served as a crucial initiative to equip farmers with the necessary skills and understanding to protect their vegetable crops effectively, ensuring increased yields and sustaICAR JSS Krishi Vigyan Kendra Organizes Integrated Crop Protection Training Program for Vegetable Crops in Suttur

ICAR JSS Krishi Vigyan Kendra Organizes Integrated Crop Protection Training Program for Vegetable Crops in Sutturinable agricultural practices in the region.

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Free Mass Marriage Program in Suttur on August 21, 2023

Suttur, July 24, 2023: The Suttur Sri Veerasimhasana Samsthana Math will be conducting a free mass marriage program on August 21, 2023, Monday, with the divine blessings of Paramapujya Jagadguru Sri Shivarathri Deshikendra Mahaswamiji.

Since February 2009, the Samsthana Math has been conducting monthly free mass marriage programs, apart from the mass marriage program held during the Adijagadguru’s Jatra Mahotsav at Suttur Srikshetra.

This program aims to help couples who are economically challenged and cannot afford the expenses of a traditional wedding ceremony. Sri Haraguru Charamurthy will participate in the mass marriages held at Suttur Srikshetra and bless the couples.

The program is open to couples where the groom is above 21 years of age and the bride is above 18 years of age. Interested individuals can send applications along with photographs of the bride and groom, caste certificates, and certificate or school marks card copy as proof of age. Child marriages are strictly prohibited.

Those interested in participating in the free mass marriage program can register by contacting the Administrative Officer, JSS Educational Institution, Suttur, eight days prior to the event either directly by visiting the office or by calling on the following phone numbers: 0821-232217, 232033, 9741342222, 9449030588.

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Vachanas: A pathway to life – Insights from Sri G. Shivamallu

Smt. Sudha Mrutyunjayappa inaugurating the ‘Shaalegaledege Vachanagala Nadige’ program at the JSS Residential School, in Suttur. Assistant Coordinating Officer Sri Veerabhadraiah, JSS Educational Institutions, Headmaster Sri G.Shvamallu, Sri Ma. Gu. Basavanna, Sri Anilkumar Vajantri, Sri Umapathi and others are seen in the picture.

Suttur, July 20, 2023: Sri G. Shivamallu, the Headmaster of JSS High School in Suttur, emphasized the profound significance of Vachanas as guiding principles for life during a program titled ‘Shaalegalede Vachanagala Nadige’ (Walk of Vachanas towards schools). The event was organized in collaboration with the renowned doctor of Suttur, Late Dr. Mryutyunjaya Endowment, and the esteemed Sharanu Vishwavachana Foundation, Mysuru, held at the JSS Residential School, Suttur.

In his inspiring address, Sri G. Shivamallu described Vachanas as paths of life, guiding individuals towards wisdom and values. He stressed the importance of students learning a minimum of 10 Vachanas daily, reciting and comprehending their profound teachings to enrich their lives.

Presiding over the event, Smt. Sudha Mryutyunjayappa, Convener of the Sharanu Foundation, lauded Roopa Kumaraswamy for her efforts in disseminating the messages of Basavanna’s Vachanas through the ‘Vishwa Vachana Foundation.’ Smt. Sudha urged students to grasp the essence of Vachanas and incorporate their teachings into their daily lives, purifying their souls and leading them towards enlightenment.

The event witnessed enthusiastic participation from hundreds of students who engaged in Vachana recital and quiz competitions. Smt. Roopa Kumaraswamy, founder of the Sharanu Vishwa Vachana Foundation, felicitated the winners and participants, encouraging them to embrace the ideals of the 12th-century Sharanas and strive to lead exemplary lives.

Sri Ma.Gu. Basavanna, the Headmaster of JSS High School, further encouraged the students to delve into the deeper meanings of Vachanas and integrate their teachings into their personal journeys.

Amidst the celebrations, Sri G. Shivamallu, the venerable Headmaster with a distinguished service of over five decades at JSS Educational Institutions, was felicitated for his outstanding contributions.

Among the dignitaries present on the dais were Sri Veerabhadraiah, Assistant Coordinating Officer, JSS Institutions, Sri Anilkumar Vajantri, Chairperson of Vishwa Vachana Foundation, as well as Sri Umapathi, and Sri Linganna.

The program commenced with a soulful invocation by the talented school students, setting the tone for the enlightening event. The proceedings were gracefully hosted by Teacher Sri H.M. Dayanandaswami.

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Suttur JSS School Students Union Inaugurated, Encourages Students to Embrace Indian Culture and Pursue Academic Excellence

Suttur, July 15, 2023: The JSS Free Residential School in Suttur, proudly inaugurated its Student Union for the current academic year today. Distinguished guests and faculty members graced the event, emphasizing the significance of instilling human values and preserving Indian culture among students.

The inauguration ceremony commenced with an invocation by the talented students of JSS Residential School, Suttur, followed by a warm welcome note delivered by Smt. H.B. Krupa. Sri B.N. Girish, the Tahasildar of Mysuru Taluk, addressed the eager students, sharing his insights and guidance. Stressing the importance of clarity of purpose and a focused aim in life, he inspired the students to embrace their intelligence and creativity while cherishing their rural roots. Sri Girish, an alumnus of JSS School himself, highlighted the potential for students to achieve prestigious positions such as Deputy Commissioner by studying diligently and contributing to society.

As the chief guest, Prof. S. Nanjundaswamy, from the Biotechnology Division of JSS Science and Technology University, graced the event with his presence. Drawing inspiration from Sarvagna’s vachana, he emphasized the crucial role student unions play in shaping a student’s life. Prof. Nanjundaswamy underscored the transformative power of education in overcoming life’s challenges and building self-confidence. Encouraging the students to cultivate the characteristics necessary for success, he stressed the value of hard work and the ability to progress gradually towards their goals. Furthermore, he emphasized that education is a universal right, accessible to all with dedication and diligence.

In recognition of their outstanding achievements, meritorious SSLC students Shivaraj Hiremath and Kum. Purvashri were honored with prizes. Prof. G.S. Jayadev from the Deenabandhu Institute, Smt. Jamuna Urs, Scientist (Retd.) from JSS KVK, and Headmaster Sri G. Shivamallu presented the awards to the deserving students.

Presiding over the program was Sri S.P. Udayashankar, the Administrative Officer of JSS Institutions. The event witnessed the presence of individuals such as Sri G.L. Tripurantaka, Sri Sampath, Sri Veerabhadraiah, Sri G. Shivamallu, Sri Ma.Gu. Basavanna, Sri G.M. Shadakshari, Smt. P. Susheela, Sri Mahadevaprasad, along with the heads of various departments of the JSS Institutions.

The Suttur JSS School Students Union inauguration was a resounding success, signalling the start of a promising academic year. The event served as a platform to inspire students to embrace their cultural heritage, strive for academic excellence, and contribute positively to society.

Suttur JSS School Students Union Inaugurated, Encourages Students to Embrace Indian Culture and Pursue Academic Excellence

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Increased Yield and Enhanced Knowledge: Successful One-Day Training Program on Drip Irrigation and Fertigation

Suttur, July 15, 2023: The ICAR JSS Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Suttur, joined hands with the Agricultural Extension Cell, Agricultural University, Bengaluru, Nagenahalli, to organize a highly impactful one-day training program focused on ‘Drip Irrigation and Fertigation Methods in Horticultural Crops’ in Suttur.

The program, aimed at meeting the demands of numerous farmers seeking improved agricultural practices, witnessed enthusiastic participation from over 40 farmers. Dr. Vinay G.M., Horticulture Scientist and Program Organizer, welcomed the attendees, emphasizing the primary objectives of the training program.

Presiding over the program was Smt. Divya H.V., Senior Scientist and Head (Incharge), ICAR JSS KVK. She provided valuable insights into the various functions and facilities offered by JSS KVK, including the agri clinic, horticulture nursery, seed unit, Goshale (cow shelter), and chaaki mane (traditional oil press), highlighting their significance for the participants. Smt. Divya also shed light on the importance of drip irrigation and fertigation training in modern horticulture practices.

Addressing the attendees, Veeresh Angadi from the Isha Institute emphasized the undeniable benefits of drip irrigation and fertigation methods, encouraging farmers to embrace the knowledge gained from the training program to maximize their yield and agricultural output.

As a resource person, Rahul Das, Horticulture Professor from the Agriculture Extension Cell, Agriculture University, Bengaluru, Nagenahalli, Mysuru, delivered a comprehensive presentation on drip irrigation’s historical significance, methodology, equipment utilization, water availability for horticultural crops, scientific adoption of drip irrigation systems, identification and utilities of certified drip irrigation equipment, acid cleaning methods for drip lines, proper fertilizer selection, the absorption of fertilizers in water, biofertilizers’ usage for horticulture crops, and the application of bio pest repellents and bio fungicides. Additionally, he provided detailed insights into fertigation methods for cultivating various horticultural crops such as plantain, turmeric, onion, potato, papaya, creep vegetables, tomato, cabbage, cauliflower, chili, and mango. Mr. Das also showcased the banana, vegetable, and mango crop varieties available at JSS KVK, Suttur, offering practical solutions to the challenges shared by farmers during the training session.

Dr. Prasad Y.P., Plant Conservation Scientist, and Rajanna, Soil Scientist, skillfully facilitated the program, while Shamaraju, a cultivation scientist, Dr. Rakshith Raj, a veterinarian, Gangappa Hipparagi, Mahendra, and the staff of JSS KVK contributed to its success. The event concluded with the farmers expressing their gratitude for the valuable knowledge gained during the training session.

The one-day training program proved to be a resounding success, empowering farmers with advanced techniques of drip irrigation and fertigation, paving the way for increased yield and sustainable agricultural practices.

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Special Prasad program for Suttur JSS Free Residential School students

Smt. Uma Ittagi, a devotee of the Suttur Srimath, residing in USA, had arranged a special Prasad program for the children of the JSS Free Residential School in Suttur, on the occasion of the 33rd Death anniversary of her father the late Sri Shivabasappa.

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JSS Educational Institutions Mourns the Loss of Esteemed Sri B.C. Rajagopal

Suttur, July 4, 2023: It is with deep sorrow that the JSS B.Ed. College, Suttur, announces the passing away of Sri B.C. Rajagopal, Principal (Retd.), a revered figure who dedicated over four decades of his life to serving the JSS Educational Institutions. A solemn condolence meeting was organized by the college on July 3, 2023, to honor his remarkable contributions.

During the meeting, Sri Sampath, Additional Coordinating Officer, expressed heartfelt condolences on behalf of the JSS community, while offering prayers for the departed soul. Recognizing the profound impact Sri B.C. Rajagopal had on the institution, Sri Sampath wished strength and solace for the grieving family members.

Addressing the gathering, S. Shivaswamy, Principal of JSS Educational Institution, Suttur, paid tribute to Sri B.C. Rajagopal, fondly reminiscing about his unwavering support, guidance, and cooperation towards both students and colleagues.

The condolence meeting witnessed the presence of lecturers and trainees who had the privilege of knowing and learning from Sri B.C. Rajagopal. As a mark of respect, a moment of silence was observed.

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Guru Poornima Celebration at JSS School, Suttur: A Memorable Tribute to Knowledge

Prof. T.N. Prabhakar, Retd. Additional Director, Higher Education Department enlightens students with a special lecture at JSS Educational Institution, Suttur, on the auspicious occasion of Guru Poornima. Sri S.P. Udayashankar, Administrative Officer, and heads of various departments are seen with students in the picture.

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