November 2023

||November 2023

JSS College Mysuru Inaugurates Cultural Forum and Sports Activities: Eminent Speakers Laud Kannada Language and Advocate for Holistic Student Development

Mysuru, November 22, 2023: The JSS College of Arts, Commerce and Science on Ooty Road, Mysuru, recently hosted the inaugural Cultural Forum and Sports Activities, featuring esteemed speakers who underscored the significance of language, culture, and sports in the holistic development of students.

Dr. Mahesh Joshi, Chairman of Kannada Sahitya Parishath and recipient of the prestigious title ‘Nadoja,’ spoke passionately about the uniqueness of the Kannada language. He emphasized its rich script, heritage, and history, declaring Kannada as a “perfect language” due to its remarkable alignment with spoken and written forms. Dr. Joshi urged attendees to cherish the privilege of speaking Kannada and actively promote its use, citing it as an eternal aspect of both language and culture.

Addressing the students, Dr. Joshi expressed concern about the increasing prevalence of mobile phone usage, urging them to balance their activities by actively participating in sports and learning. He highlighted the role of spirituality and culture in achieving perfection, lamenting the low representation of Kannadigas in defense forces and sports.

Prof. M. Chandrakumar, President (Retd.) of the Physical Education and Sports Science Division at the University of Mysore, echoed the sentiment, recalling Swami Vivekananda’s call to prioritize sports fields over hospitals and temples. Prof. Chandrakumar stressed the importance of physical activity for students’ physical and mental well-being, advocating for a minimum of 40 to 60 minutes of daily engagement in sports.

Sri G.S. Somashekar, Deputy Commissioner, Administration Division, Mysore City Corporation, encouraged students to participate in sports and extracurricular activities alongside their academic pursuits. He emphasized the pursuit of goals, time management, and the quality of education, citing examples such as Thomas Alva Edison to motivate the students.

The event also saw the presence of other notable figures, including Prof. B.V. Sambashivaiah, Chief Executive of the College, Dr. S. Pratibha, Principal, and Sri M. Karthik, Convener of the Sports Forum.

The program included an invocation by student Kum. Niranjani Bhargav, a welcome speech by Preskhit, a vote of thanks by Kum. N. Keerthana, and program coordination by Kum. Jacintha.

In summary, the inaugural Cultural Forum and Sports Activities at JSS College Mysuru brought together esteemed personalities advocating for the preservation of language, the promotion of sports, and the importance of a holistic educational approach for the students.

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Dr. N.R. Chandregowda Highlights the Cultural Significance of Kannada at 68th Kannada Rajyotsava Ceremony

Mysuru, November 3, 2023: Dr. N.R. Chandregowda, Associate Professor at Karnataka State Open University, Mysuru, delivered a poignant address at the 68th Kannada Rajyotsava program, underscoring the vital role of Kannada as not just a mother tongue, but as the language that resides in the heart of its speakers.

Dr. Chandregowda emphasized the urgency of protecting native languages, asserting that the erosion of a language equates to the erosion of its cultural heritage. He stated, “Kannada is not just our mother tongue, but it is the language of our heart. The richness and identity of Kannada has a long heritage.”

The ceremony, held at JSS College of Arts, Commerce and Science on Ooty Road, Mysuru, on November 1, 2023, saw Dr. Chandregowda as the esteemed chief guest. He delved into Karnataka’s illustrious history, spanning over two millennia, marked by challenges arising from foreign incursions and the influence of external languages. Dr. Chandregowda paid tribute to the collective efforts of visionaries such as Aluru Venkatarayaru, B.M. Srikantaiah, G.P. Rajaratnam, and Kuvempu, whose endeavors led to the formation of Karnataka State, and whose legacy is witnessed in the cultural pride of the state today.

Prof. B.V. Sambashivaiah presided over the event, delivering a presidential address. Commemorating the 50th anniversary of Karnataka’s rechristening from Mysore, he announced a year-long series of programs under the theme ‘Hesarayitu Karnataka, Usiraagali Kannada,’ aimed at celebrating Kannada language, literature, and culture. Prof. Sambashivaiah urged all Kannadigas to familiarize themselves with the history of Karnataka’s unification and acknowledged the pivotal contributions of various literary and linguistic luminaries, as well as organizations like Vidyavardhaka Sangha of Dharwad and Kannada Sahitya Parishat.

The ceremony featured floral tributes to the portrait of goddess Bhuvaneshwari, followed by musical performances by students. Faculty, staff, and students actively participated in the program, demonstrating their commitment to preserving Karnataka’s linguistic and cultural heritage.

The event commenced with an invocation by Kum. Kusumabai, a 3rd B.Sc. student, and was followed by a warm welcome by Dr. S. Pratibha, Principal of JSS College. Sri S. Somashekar, Principal of PU College, extended gratitude, and Dr. B.S. Sudeep skillfully orchestrated the proceedings.

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