National Science Day Celebrations at JSS B.Ed. College in Suttur

Suttur, March 26, 2022: The Science Association of JSS B.Ed. College, located in Suttur, organized a program to commemorate ‘National Science Day.’

The chief guest of the program, Sri G. Shadakshariswamy, Lecturer at Govt. PU College in Begur, emphasized the importance of science teaching in sparking curiosity among students. He highlighted the need to explain to students how science is applicable in their daily lives. Sri Shadakshariswamy also discussed the significance of Sir C.V. Raman’s Spectrum of Light (The Raman Effect).

Sri D.S. Prabhuswamy, a Teacher at Government High School in Hosahundi, lauded the immense contributions of Indians to the field of science and encouraged everyone to take pride in them.

During his introductory speech, Sri B.J. Adarsh of the Science Association provided a brief overview of the life and accomplishments of Sir C.V. Raman, including his Nobel Prize-winning work.

Dr. H.M. Mahesh, Principal of JSS B.Ed. College in Nanjangud, emphasized the importance of human beings adapting to nature and living in harmony with it. He encouraged students to develop a scientific mindset and strive for independent thinking.

Several heads of departments from various JSS Institutions in Suttur, including Sri S. Shivaswamy, Sri G. Shivamallu, Smt. C.P. Nirmala, Sri B.M. Siddappa, and others, were present at the event.

The program commenced with an invocation by Smt. Meghasri and her team, followed by a vote of thanks delivered by Kum. Archana. Kum. Bhumika skillfully managed the program.