Women’s Day in Agriculture

Suttur, December 4, 2019: A one-day workshop on “The role of women in Agriculture, Afforestation and Animal Husbandry activities were organised by the ICAR JSS Krishi Vignan Kendra, Suttur, as part of the Women’s Day in Agriculture. The objective of the workshop was to know the importance of women in agriculture, what is their role?, whether it is limited only to the kitchen?, whether they are getting the respect, dignity, and rights that they deserve, despite they are being a backbone in agricultural activities through their work contribution.

The workshop was organised by the ICAR JSS KVK in association with the ITC, Myrada Kaveri Regional Institute, held at Sooralli Village in Naviluru Gram Panchayat, of Nanjagud Taluk. Sri R.N. Nanjudaswamy, Agricultural Officer, Mycaps delivered the introductory speech.

Dr. Arun Balamatti, Head, JSS KVK inaugurated the workshop. In his address, he opined the contribution of women in various agricultural activities is nearly 90% in several countries. “In our country, 70% of the agricultural activities are done by women, but they are not getting the respect they deserve. There is a disparity in wages between men and women, even today women are paid less than men. The name of women is not included in any RTC. She also doesn’t enjoy freedom in any of the decisions in the family. The society and the government should consider this seriously, discuss thoroughly and take a suitable decision,” he said.

Smt. Divya, Scientist, JSS KVK explained the importance of the kitchen garden. She called upon the farmers to grow chemical-free vegetables in the backyard of houses and use them. Mentioning the names of progressive women farmers Smt. Indiramma of K.R. Nagar and Shivamma of Shivamogga, who has achieved in the production of vermicompost, she called upon the women farmers of Soorahalli village to consider these women as their idols and try to come up in life. Smt. Netravathi Yettinamani, Home Scientist spoke about value enhancement of food and KVK demonstration units. Dr. M.C. Satish, Veterinarian, JSS KVK explained about vermicompost, production of pure milk and measures to be taken to take up dairy farming as a profit-making business.

Coordinator of the programme Sri Rajappa of Mycaps expressed his view that the performance of Self Help Groups in financial matters was good. He opined that if the women join their hands in agriculture better progress could be achieved.

A competition on identifying medicinal plants, forest plants, lemon in spoon, musical chair, was conducted for the women who participated in the workshop. A few women from Soorahalli village took part in the competition and won prizes.

Sri Nanjudaswamy, Gram Panchayat, President presided over the programme. Earlier the programme commenced with an invocation by the women participants. Sri Nagaraj of Mycaps gave a vote of thanks. Sri A. Anand, Sri Nagannanayaka, Smt. Mahadevamma, Muddamma, Geetha, and others were present. About 150-200 women of Soorahalli village took part.

Identifying medicinal and forest plants competition