The concentration of the mind is essential to attain divinity: Pujya Sri Siddeshwara Mahaswamiji

Suttur, June 26, 2022: “Concentrate your mind in nature every day to attain divinity in your soul,” observed Nirabhara Charmuthy Pujya Sri Siddeshwara Mahaswamiji, of the Jnanayogashrama, Vijayapura.

In his discourse, he said, “Nature is incomparable and serene. All the things in nature, like plants, trees, hills, mountains, flowers, etc., are beautiful. The sharanas, saints, and rishis are all like beautiful flowers. Their words, thoughts, and messages are wonderful,” he said.

Reciting Allamaprabhu’s vachana, “Nela Holadali, Yelli Nodidaralli Neeniddeyayya Guheshwara, Nimmannu Agalakke Aridu Kande,” he said, divinity can be attained from anywhere in the nature, including mountains, caves, places, open fields, etc. “Where there is the beauty of nature there will be happiness. There can’t be even a single life on this earth which hates nature. Because everything comes from nature. Our heart jumps in joy when birds sing, our knowledge will glow with sunrise. All this happens because we are connected to the nature. We can’t survive without it. All that we have today is the gift of nature. God exists in everything in nature. We can attain divinity from a serene atmosphere and beauty of the nature. Thus, nature is a glorious spirit for everything on this earth. Our hearts should be full of divinity. We can attain divinity when our heart and soul will be pure,” he observed.