The absence of values in life is leading to an increase in crime: Sri H.M. Virupakashaiah

Mysuru, October 26, 2021: “Value-based education is the need of the hour. Life without values is the reason for the increasing criminal activities. Though a person is literate, due to absence of value-based education, there will be no humanity in his life, and it will become just business. In this context, it is happy to note that the JSS Institutions have been providing value-based and cultured education to the students,” opined Sri H.M. Virupakshaiah, Hon’ble Judge of the Mysuru Family court.

He participated in a lecture program on the Right to Information Act, organized under the Legal Awareness program, organized by the NSS, of the JSS College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Ooty Road, Mysuru, in association with the District Legal Services Forum today.

“Every student should be aware of all the three important pillars of democracy, Executive, Judiciary and Legislature. The objective of organizing the legal awareness programs is to help the people in distress and educate them on legal aspects. The judiciary is making efforts to create a good society by organizing Lok Adalaths. Efforts are being made to provide solutions to legal problems through the village, taluk, and district legal centers. It is the responsibility of all of you to educate the people around you, especially people living in rural areas to create legal awareness. You are all studying in one of the best educational institutions. Please adopt your learning and culture in your lives and become good citizens of the country,” he added.

In his address, the Chief Guest Hon’ble Judge Sri T.S. Shivaswamy asked the students to drive vehicles carefully. “Please understand that life is valuable, be careful. Law allows helping accident victims, but it can’t provide you with life. If children won’t look after their parents in their old age, the law helps parents to get alimony. You should also create awareness among the parents about this. Lead a good life, and also look after your parents nicely, let your neighbors also live. Please don’t be dismissal about life,” he said.

In his presidential address Prof. B.V. Sambashivaiah, Chief Executive of the College, expressed his view that if people are aware of the law, the country will be safe. “Law is changing like our lives. Everyone should be aware of it. The Right to Information Act allows you to know the administrative matters of the country. This Act has brought transparency in administration and has paved the way for development. But the people should know about it,” he added.

Earlier, Dr. H.C. Honnappa, Principal, welcomed the guests and gathering. Kum. M.S. Sushmita rendered an invocation. Dr. R. Suhas, Assistant Professor, mastered the program. Teaching, non-teaching staff, and volunteers were present.