Suttur JSS school students selected for taluk-level Kalotsava

Students of the JSS High School, Suttur, participated in the Hobli-level Kalotsava program held at the Mallupura Govt. High School, in Nanjangud Taluk, and won prizes in various categories including Sanksrit and Hindi oration, Folk song singing, Bharatanatya, Mimicry and Folk dance competitions and won prize. They have been selected to take part in the taluk-level copmetitions. The students are seen with the Headmasters and other teachers of the school.

Suttur, September 23, 2022: The students of the JSS High School, Suttur, took part in various competitions in the Kalotsava competitions organized by the School Education and Literacy Department, Nanjangud, held at the Mallupura Government High School, and have won prizes in 20 different categories at the hobli-level competitions.

The details of the winners are as follows: PrajwalKumar (Sanskrit speech), M. Rohith (Hindi speech), Shantakumar (Folk song singing), Yogita (Bharatanatyam), T. Vishal (Mimicry), Meghana and team (Folk dance), they have won first prize in respective categories and have been selected for the taluk-level competitions.

Annapurna (Sanskrit chanting), B. Ramya (Light music singing), B.T. Chandana (Fancy dress), Pinku (Rangoli), Shivaraj Hiremath and Amithkumar (Quiz) – 2nd prize. Priyanka (English oration), P.J. Amrutha (Painting), Vijayalakhsmi (Speec) – 3rd prize.

All the above students also earned certificates for their participation.

The administrative officers, Heads of various departments, Headmasters and teachers of the school have congratulated the winners.