Paddy Field Day

Suttur, December 2, 2019: Farmers growing paddy are failing to get a better yield these days. Lack of good quality seeds, blast disease, imbalanced fertilizer management and lack of other technical information are the major reasons for this. Noticing this the scientists of the ICAR JSS Krishi Vignan Kendra, Suttur, inspected three different types of paddy varieties as part of the Paddy Field Day 2019-20, held at the Arakere Village in K.R. Nagar Taluk of Mysuru District.

A training programme was conducted as part of this programme in June and RNR 15048 variety paddy seeds were distributed to the selected farmers and they were asked to grow MTU 1010 along with the regular ‘Sanna Madhu’ variety of paddy that the farmers usually grow for personal use, on an experimental basis. They were also provided bio-fertilizers along with a demonstration on seed treatment. They were provided training on integrated nutrition management.

The farmers were successful in growing RNR 15048 variety of paddy. As part of this, the Paddy Field Day was conducted on November 29, 2019, at Arakere village.

The farmers first visited the paddy field where RNR 15048 variety paddy was grown. They were explained how the crop was grown without any disease. This variety has less pest and disease problem and up to 23-25 quintals of yield can be expected. This variety will also be ready for harvesting 10 days earlier than other varieties.

Smt. H. V. Divya, Seed Technology Scientist of the ICAR JSS Krishi Vignan Kendra provided detailed information about the RNR 15048 variety paddy. “It is a 120 days crop, sans blast disease (Benki Roga). Also, you can get more yield than other small paddy varieties,” she said. She explained that there is more demand for this variety of paddy and the farmers may select the corn from the good plant before harvesting. Threshing should be done separately and dry it completely and store it for seeding after mixing it with ash or neem leaves. Farmers who are interested in seed production can enter into a contract with the Karnataka State Seed Corporation or undertake on their own. They can remove melange and get more seed production. The farmers can fetch Rs. 400-500 more price for every quintal of processed paddy through seed production. Interested farmers can contact KVK or KSSC before seeding, she informed.

Farmers Sri Kumar, Sri Ramachandregowda, Sri Shivaraju, Sri Jayannashetty and others who have grown RNR 15048 variety of paddy shared their experiences on this occasion. More than 35 men and women farmers participated in the programme. Smt. Netravati Yettinamane, Scientist, ICAR JSS KVK, Sri Gowraaj, Technical Motivator of Agriculture Department and Kum. Kanaka was present.