Morality is a firm foundation for the citizens and country – Sri Suresh

Kollegal, December 26, 2019: “Morality is a firm foundation for every person and the country. Building a secured country through a good society will be possible by adopting morality,” opined Sri Suresh, Assistant Professor, Geography Department, Government First Grade College, T. Narasipura.

He delivered a lecture on the topic “Declining moral values is the reason for social evils”, organised by the Youth Red Cross Unit, held at the JSS Women’s College, in Kollegal.

“Moral values among the people is declining in the present world. It is the major reason for all the social evils we are witnessing across the globe. Looting of money by the so-called literates, corruption by prestigious companies, incidents of rapes and other sexual harassment, violence against children and women, falling of buildings before its inauguration are all the ill-effects of the declining moral values among people. Hence, there is an immediate need of inculcating moral values for a sustainable and secure society,” he said.

Prof. Umesh, Principal, JSS Women’s College, Kollegal, in his address said, “As Swami Vivekananda has said about the importance of morality, the behavior, discipline and positive thoughts of the citizens is more important for a country than its constitution. As literates, it is our duty to uphold the moral values and become a model for others. If we and the next generation want to have good health and live happily in a secure environment we need to adopt moral values.”

Sri Basavadatta Mahadevaprasad, Red Cross Unit Convener and Smt. Smitha A. S. HoD, Geography was present.