Education is a step towards women empowerment: Physical Education Dept. Director Shridhar

Kollegal, February 18, 2022: “Education provides enlightenment in the life of a person. It gives us farsightedness and knowledge. Education is meant not only to gain knowledge, but it acts as steps for the progress of human lives on this earth by inculcating good morals, behavior, human values,” opined Sri Shridhar, Director, Physical Education Department, JSS Women’s College, Kollegal.

He delivered a lecture on the topic “Importance of Women’s Education,” held at the JSS Women’s College, Kollegal. Education develops trust among the students about their inner strength, capacity, and efforts that in turn make them think logically and openly. A society and a country can become stronger by people with good education, and through social, economical, and moral thoughts. Education without moral values is dangerous,” he said and called upon the students for the construction of a good society and overall development.

Prof. Umesh, Principal, JSS Women’s College, Kollegal, presided over the program. In his address, he said, “the life of Ambedkar is an example for every student. The interest he showed towards education and learning, the way he utilized the resources, the way he used education for the upliftment of the society, the respect he had for the country and patriotism, and his integrated view towards the country, everything is admirable. He was a visionary, that is why he made education a basic right of every citizen of this country. I wish the aim of education should be to enable every person to contribute immensely to the cause of society. The youth should understand this and especially the women should utilize their education for their progress and dedicate it to make our country stronger.”

Sri Shridhar delivering a lecture on the topic, “Importance of Women’s Education.” Students are seen in the picture.