Promoting Sustainable Coconut Cultivation on World Coconut Day

Suttur, September 9, 2023: On the occasion of World Coconut Day, the ICAR JSS Krishi Vigyan Kendra in Suttur, in collaboration with the Agricultural Technicians Institute, Mysuru Chapter, and Cadbury, Bengaluru, organized a comprehensive training program addressing ‘Integrated Disease and Pest Management in Coconut Crop.’

During the event, Dr. Yogeesh G.H., Chief Guest, emphasized the invaluable role of coconut trees, often referred to as ‘Kalpavruksha.’ He highlighted the diverse uses of coconut and expressed concern about the declining number of farmers engaged in coconut cultivation. Dr. Yogeesh stressed the need to encourage coconut cultivation and provided insights into water conservation practices in coconut farms. He also discussed integrated management techniques using agricultural waste from coconut farms and recommended intercropping with crops like cocoa or banana to enhance soil fertility and farmers’ income.

Sri Mohan, Cadbury, Bengaluru, Assistant Manager, introduced cocoa cultivation as a viable option alongside coconut farming, citing its compatibility. Cadbury pledged to provide high-quality cocoa saplings, guidance on cocoa cultivation, and a reliable buy-back mechanism, ensuring farmers a good return on their investment.

Sri Shivamurthy, a member of the Agricultural Technicians Institute, Mysuru Chapter, advocated for multi-cropping and integrated agricultural practices as a more profitable approach compared to monoculture coconut farming.

A progressive farmer, Basavanna, shared his experiences with advanced water technology and modern farming methods, emphasizing the importance of adopting scientific techniques in agriculture.

Smt. Divya H.V., Senior Scientist and Head (In-charge) of JSS KVK, underscored the significance of coconut farming in Mysuru District. She encouraged farmers to reduce chemical usage and increase income through value addition, such as producing coconut oil, powder, and other products. Smt. Divya also promoted sustainable practices like converting coconut tree fronds into organic manure, improving soil fertility, and increasing yields.

Dr. Vinay G.M., Horticultural Scientist at ICAR JSS KVK, presented information on coconut crop varieties, plant production, integrated nutrient management, and water management.

Dr. Prasad Y.P., Plant Conservation Scientist, shared insights into managing various diseases and pests affecting coconut crops, including rhinoceros beetle, red-nosed beetle, whitefly, sap blight, mushroom disease, and black rot disease.

Sri Niranjan, Technical Executive from Cadbury Company, provided guidance on cocoa cultivation alongside coconut crops, detailing comprehensive cultivation methods.

The event drew participation from JSS KVK scientists, staff members, Agricultural Technicians Institute members, Cadbury Company staff, Raitha Sangha members, Outreach Institute members, and more than 150 farmers, both male and female, who benefited from the wealth of information shared during the program.

This collaborative effort aims to promote sustainable coconut cultivation practices, ensuring the prosperity of coconut farmers and safeguarding this vital crop for future generations.