One-day training program on IIHR’s new varieties

Suttur, February 17, 2022: The ICAR JSS Krishi Vigana Kendra, Suttur, had organized a one-day training program on IIHR’s new crop varieties. The participants were apprised about the new variety of technology information released from IIHR.

In his address, Sri Venkatakumar, Chief Scientist, IIHR, spoke about the new technologies and explained to the participants about the crop varieties and their importance.

Anathashankar, Chief Scientist, Vegetable Department, IIHR, explained in detail the new varieties of tomato, chilly, brinjal, watermelon, pumpkin, and other vegetables. He also informed the participants about various techniques of growing vegetable crops and the benefits available from vegetable seed production.

IIHR Scientist Senthil shared information about the mango, guava, papaya, butter fruit, and other fruit varieties released by IIHR and technologies.

In her address, Smt. H.V. Divya, Senior Scientist, and In-charge, JSS KVK, informed the farmers that they can get a good yield by using the various crop varieties provided by IIHR. She also informed them that they can undertake vegetable production and sell them in the market directly and increase their income.

Tomato, chilli, and brinjal seeds of the new varieties introduced by IIHR were distributed to the participants under the frontline demonstration program.

Dr. G.M. Vinay, Horticulture Scientist, JSS KVK mastered the program. About 15 progressive farmers from various taluks of Mysuru District and scientists Shamraj, Rajanna, Netravathi Yettinamani, Rakshitraj, Gangadhar Hipparagi of the JSS KVK participated in the program.

The scientists from IIHR visited the ICAR JSS KVK demonstration units and appreciated it.