New Cow Pea Variety ‘Arka Mangala’ to Boost Farmers’ Income in Karnataka

Suttur, June 8, 2023: The ICAR JSS Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Suttur, recently conducted a training program on advanced cultivation techniques for meter cow pea at Hulyalu Village in Hunsur Taluk, Mysuru District.

Dr. Vinay G.M., a Horticulture Scientist from JSS KVK, actively participated in the program and shared valuable insights on improved cultivation practices for meter cow pea. He emphasized the significance of proper sowing methods, soil fertility enhancement, nutrient management, water utilization, and the importance of micro-nutrients. Dr. Vinay also highlighted the special characteristics of ‘Arka Mangala,’ a newly released variety of meter cow pea developed by the Indian Horticulture Research Institute in Hesarghatta, Bengaluru.

According to Dr. Vinay, the introduction of ‘Arka Mangala’ is expected to significantly increase farmers’ income, offering a yield boost of about 25-30% per hectare compared to traditional varieties. Additionally, the crop matures at a faster rate, allowing for quicker harvesting. He also emphasized the market demand for this particular variety.

During the training program, Dr. Prasad Y.P., from the Plant Conservation Division of JSS Krishi Vigyan Kendra, provided farmers with valuable information on the management of diseases and pests that commonly affect vegetable crops.

As a concluding part of the program, ‘Arka Mangala’ cow pea seeds were distributed to 10 interested farmers, while vegetable seeds were distributed during the demonstration.

As an additional learning opportunity, the participants had the chance to visit the drumstick and coconut farm of JSS KVK. They were enlightened about integrated nutrition management in drumstick cultivation and were educated on the effective management of stem bleeding disease in coconut crops.

The training program proved to be an insightful and practical experience for the farmers, equipping them with knowledge and resources to enhance their agricultural practices and improve their yields.