Mahashivarathri Fervor Engulfs Sri Sutturkshetra

Suttur, March 20, 2028: The sacred precincts of Shri Suttur Shrikshetra reverberated with divine fervor as devotees converged to celebrate the Mahashivarathri festival in the esteemed presence of Paramapujya Jagadguru Shri Shivarathri Deshikendra Mahaswamiji.

Throughout the night, a series of special pujas and programs unfolded, enveloping the atmosphere in spiritual splendor. The sanctified rituals included puja, Rudrabhisheka, Ashotattara, and Mahamangalarati, conducted at the Adijagadguru Shri Shivarathreeshwara Shivayogi Swamiji’s shrine, as well as at the temples dedicated to Shri Mahadeshwara, Shri Someshwara, Shri Veerbhadreshwara, Shri Nanjundeshwara, and Shri Narayanswamy.

The evening witnessed a tapestry of devotional and cultural performances, enriching the spiritual experience for all attendees. Students from the JSS Residential School, Suttur, presented a soulful devotional program, followed by melodious renditions of devotional songs by Shri Ruthwik C. Raj and his team from Mysuru. The JSS B.Ed. College, Suttur, captivated the audience with a poignant drama titled ‘Bhookailasa,’ while Dr. Lakshmandas Sastry from Mallasandra, Tumakuru, regaled the gathering with an enchanting shivakatha recital.

The melodic strains of devotional songs continued with performances by the Naadalahari team from Mysuru, the Shri Siddappaji Neelagararu of Ramasmudra, presenting the Neelagarara mela, and the Shri Basaveshwara Bhajan team of Horalawadi offering soul-stirring bhajans.

Adding to the spiritual ambiance, bhajan teams from Kadali Mahila Vedike, Chunchahalli, Chamarajanagara, Sonahalli, Horadalli, Badanavalu, Hootgalli, Devanuru, Helavarahundi, Alahalli, and Bhogayyanahundi presented continuous bhajan programs at the Shrimath and in the shrine premises.

In a heartfelt gesture, Dr. H.S. Raghavendra Rao and family offered silver coverings for the door frames of the Shri Nanjundeshwara Temple, symbolizing their devotion and reverence.

Amidst the spiritual celebrations, over 50 youngsters received shivadeekshe, marking a significant step in their spiritual journey. The event witnessed the participation of thousands of devotees, united in their devotion and reverence.