ICAR JSS Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Suttur

Suttur, September 01, 2023: ICAR JSS Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) in Suttur is an institution established by His Holiness Jagadguru Shri Shivarathri Rajendra Mahaswamiji, the 23rd pontiff of Sri Suttur Math, with a strong focus on improving the lives of farmers in rural areas. Here are some key details about ICAR JSS KVK and its mission and activities:

Establishment: The ICAR JSS KVK was founded in 1994 in Suttur with the aim of addressing the challenges faced by farmers in rural areas.

Accreditation: The center is accredited by the Indian Council for Agricultural Research (ICAR), New Delhi, which signifies its recognition for its agricultural research and extension activities.

Vision: The vision of ICAR JSS KVK is to increase agricultural produce and profits for farmers by promoting the development and adoption of science and technology, as well as sustainable agricultural methods.

Aim: The primary aim of ICAR JSS KVK is to encourage farmers to adopt specific agricultural ecosystems and practices that are appropriate for their region, with a focus on their overall development.

Mission: The mission of the center is to enhance the capabilities of farmers and stakeholders in the agricultural sector through technological analysis and exhibition.

Activities: ICAR JSS KVK engages in various activities to achieve its objectives, including:

Technology Tests: Conducting technology tests on farmers’ farms to identify suitable technologies that promote sustainable land use and the conservation of natural resources such as soil, water, and biodiversity.

Field Trials: Organizing field-level trials and pilot demonstrations in different cropping systems to enhance agricultural productivity and production.

Training Programs: Providing training programs for farmers, youth, women, and extension staff to educate them about innovative agricultural technologies and practices.

Vocational Training: Offering short and long-term vocational training programs for farmers and rural youth, with an emphasis on increasing production and encouragin self-employment through practical learning.

Seed Supply: Ensuring timely access to high-quality seeds, seedlings, and biological products to support farmers in their agricultural endeavors.

Krishi Mela: The center organizes Krishi Mela (agricultural fairs) for six days during the Suttur Jatra Mahotsav, providing a platform for farmers to access agricultural tools and receive guidance from scientists in Suttur and Mysore to address their farming challenges.

Technological Success: ICAR JSS KVK has successfully introduced technologies like BT cotton, new crop varieties, and value addition methods, which have had a positive impact on farmers’ livelihoods.

Recognition: In recognition of its efforts and contributions to the agricultural sector, ICAR JSS KVK received the “Best Sector KVK Award” from ICAR, New Delhi, in 2010.

Overall, ICAR JSS Krishi Vigyan Kendra in Suttur plays a crucial role in empowering farmers, promoting sustainable agriculture, and improving the socio-economic conditions of rural communities through education, training, and the dissemination of innovative agricultural technologies.