Foxtail millet field day

Suttur, December 27, 2021: The ICAR JSS Krishi Vignan Kendra, Suttur, had organized a Foxtail millet HFT 109-3 variety field day at the agricultural field belonging to a farmer named Sri Nanjundanayaka, Nanjangud.

Smt. Netravathi Yettinamani, Home Scientist, ICAR JSS KVK spoke about the foxtail millet. “Foxtail millet is one of the most important millets which is high in protein and fiber content. Regular consumption will help in releasing the glucose content in the body very slowly. Hence, it is suitable for diabetics,” she explained. Informing the health benefits of millets she advised the farmers to grow millets in their agricultural fields at least for self-usage.

In her address, Smt. H.V. Divya, Head and Senior Scientist, JSS KVK explained that the consumption of millets will help improve health. “Very less water is required to grow foxtail millet. As the fear of disease and pests are also less its maintenance cost is also very less,” she said and advised the farmers to grow foxtail and other millets and include them in their daily diet.

Sri Shamraj, Cultivation Scientist, JSS KVK, expressed his view that the DHFT variety foxtail millet crop seeds can be sown in the months of June-July, and it arrives for harvesting within 90 days. “You can get 7 to 8 quintals of produce in one acre of land along with 14 to 16 to 16 quintals of fodder yield,” he said and added that the production cost to grow millets is less.

The owner of the agricultural farm, farmer Sri Nanjundanayaka of Suttur, informed that he grew millets using foxtail millet seeds DHFT 109-3 provided by the ICAR JSS KVK. He explained that it was completely disease and pest-free, and he had not used fertilizers or pesticides to grow it, and even the production cost was less. He also called upon other farmers to try growing millets and share their experiences.

Another farmer Sri Nanjudaswamy from Bokkalli, who had participated in the field day program said that he would also like to grow millets in his agricultural field, which helps in protecting soil health and personal health.

Farmer Sri Gurulingegowda of Biligere village appreciated the efforts of the JSS Krishi Viganan Kendra in sharing valuable information and encouraging the farmers to grow millets by providing the required seeds. “He called upon all his fellow farmers also to grow millets.

About 30 farmers participated in the program.