Overall sports prize for JSS School, Suttur

Suttur, December 4, 2019: The students of the JSS Higher Primary School, Suttur, bagged the overall prize in the 3- day JSS Inter-school Sports Meet, organised as part of the Paramapujya Jagadguru Dr. Sri Shivarathri Rajendra Mahaswami’s memory, at Suttur Srikshetra.

Winners in Boys Category: Basavaraju M.C. 600 m running (Second), Bhuvan (Third), Sooraj, 400 m (Second place), Bhuvan (Third), Milan, 200 m and 100 m running (Third), Harshraj, High Jump (First), Rudraiah, Shot put (Third), Basavaraju M.C, Long Jump (Second), Yuvraj (Third); Milan, Disc throw (First), Karthik (Second); 4×100 m Relay (First).

In group sports the school bagged first place in Kabaddi. Nishant bagged the ‘Best Player’ prize

Girls category: Vedavathi, 400 m (First), Rani (Second), Kousalya, 200 m running (Second), Vedavathi, 600 m running (Second), Arpitha (Third); Pinku, 100 m running (Third). Bidyapathi bagged first place in shotput, Rikolin third place; whereas Rikolin bagged first place in Disc throw and Bidyapathi bagged second place. In high jump Ribhunlang bagged first place and Ibameri bagged second place. In long jum Kousalya bagged third place and first place in 4x100m relay.

In group games the school girls team bagged first place in Kabaddi. Kumari Ribahunlang bagged the ‘Best Player’ prize.

In march past the school team has bagged first place and brought laurels to the school.

The head of the school, teachers and other staff have congratulated all the winners.

Students of the JSS Higher Primary School, Suttur, who won overall prize in the JSS Inter-school sports meet seen with the Head of various departments of the school and the physical trainers.