Every year 50,000 people die from snake bites – Prof. Umesh

Kollegal, February 8, 2020: “Every year nearly 50,000 people are losing their lives because of snake bites and an estimated number of 1.40 lakh people are becoming physically challenged. Despite this snakes are friends of human beings,” opined Prof. Umesh, Principal, JSS Women’s College, Kollegal.

He inaugurated a programme on screening of a documentary film on snakes orgainsed by the NSS unit of the College. “Majority of the people who are losing their lives because of snake bites are from rural areas and labourers. The first few minutes after a snake bite is considered as the golden hour. The victim should be taken to a hospital without any delay and he/she should not lose courage,” he said.

Sri J.K. Raghavendra, snake expert in his address opined that there is both co-existence and conflict between human beings and animals. “Man has been looking at animals both as a co-existing living being and also as a problem. People usually don’t like to kill snakes. Likewise, even animals also get scared when they look at us, but they won’t harm us. Man and animals are living amidst nature and are interrelated to each other. Earlier when agriculture was our main occupation man was not harming animals. Agriculture was a way of living for humans. But in the modern world agriculture has transformed as a business. Now a situation has been created where man destroys anything which he considers as trouble to him. Every living being on this earth has a right to live. We should understand this and save the flora and fauna and protect the environment,” he said.

Sri Basavaraju, NSS Programme Officer was present on the dais.

Sri J.K. Raghavendra, snake expert providing information about snakes. Prof. Umesh, Principal, JSS Women’s College, Kollegal, and Sri Basavaraju are seen in the picture.