Death is for body, not for soul – Dr. Thimmappa Hegde

Suttur, April 28, 2019: “Death is only for the body, not for souls,” opined Dr. Thimmappa Hegde, Department of Neurology, Narayana Hrudayalaya.

He inaugurated the Retreat camp organized for doctors, held at Suttur Srikshetra, on April 27, 2019. “Values of life are hidden behind everything that we follow. Life itself is a celebration, it has a mind of worshipping everything that supports our lives. Soul is not perishable. We stay alive even after our death, by understanding the truth. Death is a rare opportunity gifted to us. Comforts and difficulties come and go, but nothing is permanent. We should accept and face death happily. Whether it is happiness or sadness we should receive everything with a smile every day and keep on going. A real life is that when we continue to carry out our responsibilities and keep walking towards reaching our goals. Hence, let us all try to live happily,” he said.

“Nirabhari Charamurthy Pujya Sri Siddeshwara Swamiji of Jnana Yogashrama, Vijayapura, is an intellectual who has understood the world. He is an experienced person and a scientist. We cannot evaluate him. The peace within us itself is Shiva, Shiva means peace, formless, world is Vishnu, expanse is brahma, these are the characteristics of truth, it is a characteristic feature of the soul, it is knowledge, it is achievement. We should try to achieve something in this beautiful world which god has created for us. We should love the world. Air, light and water are the precious gifts of nature to us. Nobody on this earth can live without any one of these. We should be thankful for being born as human beings on this wonderful earth,” he added.

Dr. V.B. Arathi, of the Vibha Academy, Bengaluru, in her talk explained, “India is a live culture. As soon as the name India is mentioned, the first thing that appears in the mind of all of us is the culture, traditions, colourful festivals, processions, etc., that we are following even today. Everybody gets surprised to see the diversity in our country like the language and culture which changes almost every kilometer of distance. We are co-existing  in this country where there are thousands of cultures, languages, castes and religions. Though there is diversity and differences, our country has remained on top of the world in several sectors.”

The camp commenced with a prayer in the early morning, followed by yoga and pranayama sessions. Desi games are held in the evening.