An ignorant life will not help you in any way – Dr. Shivraj V. Patil.

Suttur, April 11, 2019: “An ignorant life will not help you in any way,” opined Dr. Shivraj V. Patil.

He was delivering a lecture at the Retreat Programme being held at Suttur for students of the JSS Engineering, Dental, Ayurveda and Pharmacy Colleges. “We can get rid of diseases through psychophysical food habits. A human being should consume food like medicine, he should not consume medicine like food. Diseases can be cured only with the blessings of mother nature. Hence, we should always keep our body, heart, and souls clean,” he said.

He advised that everyone should follow a simple, clean, thoughtful life and consume food that is low in cost and rich in nutrition.

Sri K.B. Subhash, in his talk, opined that conceptual knowledge is more important for a person than memorized knowledge. In a team when a person involves himself completely and works hard with others the team will win.

He explained to the students about the essential qualities, characteristics required for a person to become a team member. “The reason behind the integrity of a diversified country like Indi is working together. A team is different from a group because a team will have an aim,” he added.

The camp commenced with prayers in the morning, followed by yoga and pranayama sessions. The participants shared their opinions at the end of the session.