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Akhila Bharatha Sharana Sahitya Parishad

The twelfth-century has a very significant place in the history of Karnataka. That century has witnessed the revolution in Indian religion, philosophy, and literature, thus resulting in social transformation. This era also saw the growth of “Sharana” literature. The literary works of Sharanas highlighted the 12th century in the pages of history.

Basavanna became the main preacher or mentor of Sharana Sahitya. He and his followers took literary forum as the medium of the total change in the society on the principles of secularism. The writings of Vachanakars were full of rich experiences and concentrated on liberating human minds from the chains of fanaticism. These writings have gained universal acceptance because of their democratic approach. The sharana literature was far ahead of its time.

HH Jagadguru Sri Shivarathri Rajendra Mahaswamiji founded Akhila Bharatha Sharana Sahitya Parishad in 1986, with a perspective of spreading the ideals and practices of Sharanas throughout the world. The Parishad was inaugurated on 29th August 1986, on the 70th birthday of Jagadguru Sri Shivarathri Rajendra Mahaswamiji.


  • To preserve, conduct research, and disseminate the Sharana literature, arts, culture, and folklore.
  • Publishing books and periodicals in various languages and production of documentary films of Sharana’s life and their ideals.
  • Organizing conventions, seminars, and celebration of birth anniversaries of various Sharanas to propagate their ideals among common people.
  • Providing opportunities for comparative study of the philosophy of Sharanas with that of other philosophers and social reformers of the world.
  • Maintenance of well-established library with books pertaining to Sharana literature and carrying out research in various aspects of the literature.
  • Establishment of Museum pertaining to literature and culture of Sharanas.


  • The Parishad has established its units in all the districts and taluks of Karnataka and also in the states of Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh.
  • The Parishad has organized twelve All India Conferences at various places.
  • A national seminar on socio-religious dimensions of the Bhakti Movement in India was organized at Bengaluru.
  • A national seminar on the 12th century Sharana Revolution and Indian Constitution was organized at New Delhi.
  • A wing named “Kadalivedike” was formed exclusively for the promotion of women’s activities.
  • State and district-level youth conferences and five state-level women’s conferences were organized.
  • The Parishad has published about 89 books relating to the life and messages of the Sharanas.
  • The Parishad has been releasing a publication named “Mahamane” monthly since 1996.
  • Establishment of endowments in the Parishad by nearly 630 donors.
  • Documentation of sharana centres of historical importance.
  • Television serial based on the lives of four sharanas of the 12th century were telecasted.

The head office of Akhila Bharatha Sharana Sahitya Parishad is at Bengaluru, Karnataka and the current President is Prof. Maleyuru Guruswamy.

Organization under JSS Mahavidyapeetha: