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Other organizations

JSS International Institute of Professional Studies (IIPS), Mysuru
IIPS was started in the SJCE Technical Institution Campus, Mysuru, in 1996, with a view to provide exposure to international programmes in the field of technical education. With the cooperation of Edexcel Foundation, England, National Diploma and Higher National Diploma programmes are being conducted. A special feature of this course is that students are continuously evaluated during their studies and their progress is monitored from time-to-time and they are given the best possible education. An agreement between IIPS & Teeside University, England, allows the final year students of Higher National Diploma to study at the Teeside University and get a degree.

JSS RUDSETI, Chamarajanagar

In 2001, JSS RUDSETI has been set up in Mareyala village, in Chamarajanagar district, in collaboration with the Ministry of Small Scale Industries, Government of India and Government of Karnataka. The primary objective of RUDSETI is to provide training to unemployed rural youth in skills that are necessary for enabling them to undertake self-employment. The project has received a grant of Rs. 40 lakh from the Government of India and Rs. 20 lakh from the State Government for basic infrastructure. During the year under report, a variety of training programmes was organized for selected candidates. Under the Karnataka Government’s ASIDE project, a bamboo stick manufacturing unit has been set up. In collaboration with the AEC, a private company, 200 women were trained in export production.
There were 9 employees managing this unit. Recurring expenditure was Rs. 69.48 lakh during the year under report.

JSS Urban Haat, Mysuru
JSS Urban Haat was established in the year 2003 in collaboration with the Ministry of Textiles, Government of India, and the Department of Commerce and Industries, Government of Karnataka. In order to provide a forum for the artisans from different parts of the country to exhibit their products and sell them, handicraft melas are held here. All these programmes are held in collaboration with the Ministry of Textiles and the Department of Handicrafts. During the year in the report, eleven artisans’ melas were held.