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JSS KOS – Open School

In spite of strenuous efforts of Government and Non Government Organizations in the field of Education, a considerable number of students have been dropping out / pushing out due to many reasons. To help these educationally disadvantaged group the government has planned and implemented various non-formal educational activities. Among these, the Open School is one to facilitate school dropouts to enter into the mainstream of education.

JSS Karnataka Open School is working under JSS MVP, Mysore, a renowned educational institution. It was established to bring school dropouts and those who are deprived of formal education, to the mainstream of education with the encouragement of NIOS, NOIDA. It provides education for those who are unable to get the formal school education. Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board will conduct examination and issue Marks cards. The examination conducted by KOS will be equivalent to regular SSLC, as per the Government order No. ED 73 SLB 2006 Bangalore, dated.06.09.2006. Karnataka Open School started with 8 centers in the beginning. And now it has more than 100 study centers throughout the state.

Each state has its own State Open School which is being run by respective State Government. But in Karnataka the responsibility of running State Open School is entrusted to JSS Mahavidyapeetha, Mysore, which is a leading organization in the field of education, health and culture since 60 years.

Salient Features

  • Freedom to learn
  • Free to select a subject
  • Earn while you learn
  • No upper Age limit
  • Study at Home
  • Certificate Equivalent to SSLC
  • Opportunity to get Higher Education
  • Opportunity for housewives

Our Objectives

  • Promotion of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education to unreached sections of the society.
  • Promotion of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education in rural areas for school dropouts.
  • Provide guidance in its implementation.
  • To provide printed learning materials to the learners.
  • Monitor and evaluate quality assurance system to ensure required standards.
  • To provide skill-based Education.

Those who have passed or failed in 7th standard and have completed 15 years of age are eligible for admission.
Learners can contact any recognized study center nearby.
Learners who are interested to join JSS Karnataka Open School must submit their original TC.
Learners must submit 10 passport size photos and also the proof of address authentication.

To be the best open school that imparts high-quality need-based education to learners who cannot be enrolled in the formal school system through open learning.

Extending educational access to underprivileged learners through open and distance learning. The JSS Karnataka Open School will achieve this through designing and developing educational programmes which are relevant to stakeholders under the guidance of NIOS.
Preparing students to participate in the development process of the economy.

Selection of Subjects
The flexibility has been introduced in the system. So, the learner is free to select the subjects for his/her own choice, aptitude and learning ability. The learner has to select 3 languages compulsorily namely Kannada, English and Hindi and free to select any three core subjects out of six subjects given below.

  1. Science and Technology
  2. Mathematics
  3. Social Studies
  4. Economics
  5. Business studies
  6. Home science

Study Centers
If an Educational Organization / School wishes to become study center, has to submit the proposal to JSS Karnataka Open School. Then the team will conduct the feasibility of the Institution. If conditions found satisfactory, Karnataka Open School will grant affiliation.

Role of the Co-ordinator   (Contact Classes)
Each study center will have a coordinator. The coordinator of the study center is responsible for the smooth running of the study center. He has to conduct 30 PCP (Personal Contact Programmes) in each subject during Saturday, Sunday and other Government Holidays.

Learning Materials
Karnataka Open School will supply learning materials to the study centers as soon as they remit the fees to Karnataka Open School. Learners can get these materials from the coordinator of the concerned study centers.

Recognition of learning centers  :

Eligibility: Those who have high schools and having educational facilities like laboratory, library can apply.
Karnataka Open School  will visit and verify the facilities available in  the school and will have discussion with the management and the staff.  If they fulfill  the norms, Karnataka Open School  will grant  recognition to such school / organization.

Registration Fee of the learning center : 
At the time of submitting proposal to KOS, the school management /NGO has to deposit Rs. 2000/- only which is not refundable

Karnataka State Education Examination Board  will conduct the examination once in a year on par with regular SSLC in  the month of  March / April.   There is a provision for the failed students to appear for supplementary examination in the month of June of the year. The marks card to the successful learners will be issued by Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board and it is equivalent to regular SSLC as per the Government order No. ED 73, SLB 2006, Bangalore, Date : 06.09.2006.

Declaration of Results
Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board will conduct Examination on lines with regular SSLC and issues Marks card to the passed students.

  • Results for SSLC has been declared click here.
  • Results for PUC has been declared click here.

Fee Structure
The learners have to pay the fixed fees of Rs. 3500/- to the study centre with in the specified time. (changes from time to time)

The Particulars of Fees  (Rs.)
1 Application and prospectus Fee 100.00
2 Registration & Course Fee 1600.00
3 Tuition Fee  597.00
4 Examination Fee 1203.00



In case any learner fails to pay the fees within the prescribed time, will have to pay late fee  of Rs. 100 for a period of one  month.

Karnataka Open School is not receiving any financial help either from State Government or from Central Government. So, it has to function on the Registration fee received from students.

Senior Secondary Course  (Pre University Course)  

The  Senior Secondary Course is proposed to start from 2018-19 in Arts and Commerce. The learners can choose subjects in concerned Arts or Commerce.

Arts Commerce
  1. Kannada
  2. English
  1. Kannada
  2. English
Core Subjects any four:
  1. History
  2. Economics
  3. Political Science
  4. Sociology
  5. Geography
  1. Economics
  2. Commerce
  3. Accountancy
  4. Geography


Name Designation Qualification Experience (Years)

JSS Karnataka Open School
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