Karnataka Open School

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Karnataka Open School

The Karnataka Open School is being run in collaboration with the National Open University with the objective of providing continued education to those deprived of school education, rural youth, poor urbanites, girls, scheduled castes and scheduled tribes, backward classes, differently abled persons and retired armed forces employees.

JSSMVP with its vast experience in the field of general education started ‘Continuing Education Program’ to provide education to those mentioned above. The Karnataka Open School came into being in 1990. The KOS is recognized by the Government of Karnataka

The foundation education given under KOS is equivalent to mainstream 8th standard. Students who complete the foundation can also appear for 10th standard exams, pre-university education, vocational education, etc. For candidates who pass in six subjects, the government permits them to join pre-university education.

JSSKOS has 56 learning centres in 25 districts of Karnataka. More than 2400 students are currently studying in these centres.