JSS Institute of Education (B. Ed) College, Chamarajanagara

||||JSS Institute of Education (B. Ed) College, Chamarajanagara
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JSS Institute of Education (B. Ed) College, Chamarajanagara

About JSS Institute of Education, Chamarajanagara

JSS Institute of Education, Chamarajanagara, was established in the year 2004. The College is located in the heart of the City. The College has an excellent infrastructure with well-equipped computer, psychology, general science labs and a well-stocked library. The staff strength of the College conforms to the norms stipulated by the NCTE.

The College encourages extra and co-curricular activities to promote the overall development of the trainees. Several workshops are conducted every year through TLM, retreat programmes and seminars. The College celebrates special events and provides scope for developing human, moral and spiritual values among the students. Importance to other activities like yoga, personality development, and building a social service attitude is given.

The College has been registering good academic performance every year, with several distinctions and ranks. Successful candidates have secured jobs in government and private educational institutions.

The academic year is from January to November. Educational activities are conducted throughout the year.

JSS Institute of Education Chamarajanagara

B.Ed. has been made as a 2 years program from the Academic year 2015-16, as per the Regulations of N.C.T.E duly approved by Government of Karnataka and University of Mysuru. Normally, in Karnataka, the academic year begins during January in every calendar year.

Medium of Instruction: Kannada and English

Sanctioned programme along with annual intake in the institution.

50 students (25 Government Quota +25 Management Quota)

Admission from the government 25
Admission from the management 25
Total intake of students 50

The following is the list of ‘Practice Teaching Schools’.

  • JSS Boys High School, Chamarajanagara.
  • JSS Girls High School, Chamarajanagara.
  • JSS High School,Santhemarahalli, Chamarajanagara.
  • Govt. Composite PU college, Chamarajanagara.
  • Govt. High School, Chamarajanagara.
  • Govt. High School, Chandakavadi (V) Chamarajanagara.
  • High School, Santhemarahalli, Chamarajanagara
  • High School, Mangala(V) Chamarajanagara
  • High School, Haradanahalli(V) Chamarajanagara
  • CRBP High School, Ramasamundra Chamarajanagara

Infrastructure of JSS Institute of Education, Chamarajanagara

Classrooms: The College consists of well-equipped classrooms to teach both  Perspective and Pedagogical papers. All rooms are spacious, well-ventilated with adequate natural lighting.

Library: The College has a well-furnished, well-stocked and spacious library with a sufficient number of books. The Library subscribes to national and international journals, magazines and newspapers. Education related CDs and DVDs, spoken English CDs, dictionaries and encyclopedias.

Computer Lab: The computer lab is also spacious and has an adequate number of computers.

Playground: There is a vast playground where facilities for indoor and outdoor sports and games are provided.

Sports Materials: Sports materials are provided to students. The College has a Physical Education Director to provide appropriate guidance to students in physical education.

Science Lab: The Science Laboratory has all necessary equipment such as a microscope, Petrol engine, Diesel engine, many chemicals substances and apparatus to conduct experiments, etc. The lab has sufficient instruments required for the science secondary school syllabus.

Educational Psychology Laboratory: The Educational Psychology Laboratory has facilities to conduct tests related to intelligence, mental ability, individual difference, personality, group dynamics, recall, and recognition. Instruments used to conduct these tests are used by the trainees and teachers for classroom activities. Eminent psychologists’ photos are also available.

Resource Unit: The college has a well-equipped resource unit. This unit has models and working models of languages, mathematics, science, and social sciences. These models help students understand the content, and also give ideas to prepare models for the content of their choice as well. The models make the teaching and learning process simple, attractive and effective.


    • Well-equipped and attractive building with all ameities.
    • Vast playground.
    • Spacious and well-ventilated classrooms.
    • Well-equipped and furnished computer, science and psychology labs.
    • Resource Unit with sufficient models and working models.
    • Technology room with modern equipment.
    • Sports room with sufficient sports materials.
    • Spacious function hall for co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
    • Well-stocked library with around 6,000 volumes on various areas.

Curricular Activities

  • Demonstration and seminars held regularly.
  • Fellowship and scholarships for economically backward and intellectual students.
  •  Spoken English classes.
  • Subject related guest lectures.
  • Workshop on preparation of teaching and learning materials.
  • Required guidance and directions for teaching practice at high Schools will be provided.
  • Community living camp and other activities to develop service attitude among students.
  • Publication of Annual College Magazine “Chethana”.
  • Field visit to different places in various pedagogical subjects.


Name Sri S.N. Raju
Designation In-charge Principal
Qualification M.Sc., M.Ed. UGC-NET
Subject Chemistry/Biology
Experience 15  years
Name Sri K.S. Siddaraju.
Designation Lecturer
Qualification M.A. M.Ed. M.Phil., M.Sc.,(Geography)
Subject History
Experience 14 years
Name Sri K.M. Yogeesha
Designation Lecturer
Qualification M.A. M.Ed. M.Phil., M.Sc.,(Geography)
Subject Geography
Experience 12 years
Name Dr. M.D. Keerthikumar
Designation Lecturer
Qualification M.Sc.,(Maths), M.Ed. M.Phil., Ph.D
Subject Mathematics
Experience 12  years
Name Sri N. Mallesh
Designation Lecturer
Qualification M.Sc., M.Ed.
Subject Physics
Experience 9 years
Name Dr.K.C.Basavanna
Designation Lecturer
Qualification M.A.(His), M.A.(Folk), M.Ed. Ph.D
Subject Kannada
Experience 15  years
Name Suresh.D.S
Designation Lecturer
Qualification M.Sc.,(Maths), M.A.(Eng), M.Ed.
Subject English
Experience 5 and half years
Name Sri Sridhar.M.B
Designation Art Lecturer
Qualification MFA
Subject Fine art and Drama
Experience 1 year
Name Smt Lakshmi.N
Designation Computer instructor
Qualification B.Sc., B.Ed.
Experience 2 years
Name Sri Shivashankara Raje Urs KK
Designation Librarian
Qualification B.Com., M.Lisc.,
Experience 12 years
Name Smt M.Geetha
Designation SDA
Qualification M.A., B.Lisc.,
Experience 13 years
Name D.N. Shiva kumara
Designation Peon
Qualification SSLC
Experience 8 years