One Day Seminar on “Gandhi and Swachh Bharat”

|||One Day Seminar on “Gandhi and Swachh Bharat”

One Day Seminar on “Gandhi and Swachh Bharat”

One day seminar was organized at JSS College for Women, Chamarajanagara by Internal Quality Assurance Cell, National Service Scheme Unit in association with JSS Rudseti, Mariyala in the sponsorship of Khadi and Village Industries Commission, Bengaluru on 13th March 2020. The topic of the seminar was “Gandhi and Swachh Bharat”.

Prof. B Chandrashekar, Co-ordinator, NSS, University of Mysuru inaugurated the seminar and delivered the keynote address. In his address, he praised Gandhiji and his works. He said, “Gandhi had thought about Swachhta, a hundred years back and had undertaken a cleanliness movement. He did not merely think of physical cleanliness, he also gave stress to mental cleanliness by filling your mind with good thoughts”.
He also said,” Through such events, the ideas and principles of Gandhiji can be disseminated into the minds of the young generation”.
Sri. A.G. Shivakumar, Principal, JSS College for Women, C’Nagara presided the event and addressed the students. He said, “Gandhi is an inspiration to the whole world, he is a wonder. Gandhi is not merely a freedom fighter, he is a social reformer, an economic thinker, an exponent of Grama Swarajya, a person who fought against untouchability and he was humorous too. Wholly he had a multi-faceted personality”.

The function commenced with a prayer by Kumari. Kanchana of III B.A. The seminar was held in three sessions. The first session was conducted by Dr S. Tukaram, Head, Social Justice and Equity Centre, Administrative Training Institute, Mysuru on the topic “Gandhiji and Value-Based Education”. He spoke about Gandhi’s views on education. He said Gandhi believed that education is the only tool to eradicate slavery, inequality, casteism, gender discrimination and superstitious.

The second session was conducted by Dr N. Mahadevaswamy, Principal, JSS College Gundlupet on the topic “Gandhiji and Freedom Fight”. He explained the involvement of Gandhi in the freedom movement and his fight against the British by upholding ahimsa or non-violence.

The third session of the seminar was conducted by Dr KS Rajasekhara, Visiting Professor, PG Dept. of Economics, JSS College for Women, Mysuru. In the session, he described Gandhi’s views on making India an economically developed country. The final and 4th session of the seminar was undertaken by Sri. Venkatanayaka, Community Affairs Officer, Corporation, Chamarajanagara on the topic “Gandhi and Cleanliness”.

The event was also attended by Sri, B.M Chandrashekar, JSS Rudseti, Mariyala and addressed the students. As a part of the event, drawing and essay writing competition was organized on the topic “Gandhi and Cleanliness”, and prizes were distributed to the winne