We are forced to look at the sky for rainfall – Dr. Arun Balamatti

Suttur, June 22, 2019: “Due to change in the weather conditions we are facing a critical situation where we have to wait for rainfall during rainy season,” opined Dr. Arun Balamatti, Chief of the ICAR JSS Krishi Vignan Kendra, Suttur, and Senior Scientist.

He participated in the ‘Environment Day’ programme held at the JSS Residential School, in Suttur. Expressing his concern over the changing weather conditions and shortage of rainfall due to this, he said, “due to the deteriorating environmental balance even the weather experts are unable to predict correct weather results. The environment can balance itself, it is a natural process. But due to serious changes in the last 10 years it has reached a state where environment is striving to protect itself. About 40 % of the fauna and 70% of insect species have been destroyed.”

“Every year more than 90,000 people are losing their lives in various countries of Europe continent due to increasing temperature. Nature has often proved that we are not above it. But we are continuously trying to ride over it. This year’s ‘World Environment Day’ theme is ‘Air Pollution’. Nature fulfils our desires, but not our greed. According to researchers vertebrates (animals with backbone) like tiger, lion, elephant, bear, etc., will become extinct within the next seven (07) years. Our future generations will have to see them only in photographs and films. Only human beings are responsible for such disasters. Entire globe will perish even if one link of the food chain gets delinked. Rather than questioning what the government and law is doing, we all have to question and retrospect ourselves and pledge to protect the environment,” he added.

Sri G. Shivamallu , Headmaster, JSS Residential School, Smt. C.P. Nirmala, Sri B.M. Siddappa, Sri G.M. Shadakshari and others were present.