Suttur JSS Higher Primary School bags overall prize in hobli-level sports meet

Suttur, August 03, 2019: The Biligere Hobli-level Sports Meet was held in JSS School, Suttur. Fifty girls and fifty boys of the JSS Higher Primary School took part in various sports and helped the school in bagging overall prize.

Winners in Boys category:

Karthik Kumar Mehato (1st place in shot put & disc throw), Prajwal S. (1st place in 100 m and 200 m running), Bhuan N.M. (1st place in 400 m), Harshkumar Mehato (1st place in high jump) and Vinay T.S. and team (1st place in 4×100 m relay).

Winners in Girls category:

Kowsalya (1st place in 100 m long jump and 2nd in 200 m), Riba (1st place in shot put and high jump), Daivi (1st in 400 m), Ibamary (2nd in 600 m), Bidyapathi (2nd in disc throw), Kowsalya and team (1st place in 4×100 m Relay).

While Karthik Kumar Mehato and Prajwal S. won individual championship in Boys category, Kowsalya and Riba Pin Ullang won the individual championship prize in Girls category.

In group games, the Boys category won in Throwball (1st), KhoKho (1st), Kabaddi (1st), Volleball (2nd), and in Girls category the Throwball team won (1st), KhoKho (1st), Kabaddi (1st), and selected for Taluk-level sports meet.

Sri S.P. Udayashankar, Administrative Officer, Head of various departments of the school and Head Master have congratulated the students who won the overall prize and also the physical instructors who trained them.