Seed Ball Sowing – JSS KVK observes World Environment Day in a different way

Suttur, June 5, 2019: The ICAR JSS Krishi Vignan Kendra, Suttur, observed the ‘World Environment Day’ in a special way this year by initiating a seed ball sowing drive at the Chowdikatte Village in Hunsur Taluk, in association with the Shivayoga Deshi Goshaale. About 150 school students and volunteers actively took part in the drive by sowing 1,000 seed balls on the tank bund.

Dr. Arun Balamatti, Head, JSS Krishi Vignan Kendra, inaugurated the programme. “Since 1974, every year June 5 is observed as ‘World Environment Day’ across the world. About 5,000 people are losing their lives due to lack of drinking water every year across the globe. It is estimated that there will be no vertebrates (wild animals with backbones) by the year 2026. About 40% of them have already perished, and about 40% of the bird species and 75% of insect species are on the verge of extinction. Hence, we should seriously think about growing more plants and save forests not only to save birds and animals, but also human beings,” he said.

Organic farmer Sri Tammaiah  of the Shivayoga Deshi Goshaale in his address expressed his concern about farmers using more and more chemical fertilizers and pesticides these days in order to get a higher yield. “This is leading to serious adverse effects on the environment and is resulting in perishing of aquatic animals and biodiversity. Hence, farmers should adopt natural farming methods, medicinal plants farming and protect the cattle,” he added.

Sri Doddegowda of Education Department opined that nearly 60-65% of the total agricultural land in our State is rainfall based. “Uprooting of plants and trees has led to constant decrease in annual amount of rainfall. Hence, everybody should try to plant atleast one sapling and nurture it, and try to join hands for environment conservation and help in increasing the annual rainfall,” he added.

Smt. Divya, Seed Technology Scientist, JSS KVK explained the importance of clean oxygen and called upon to plant atleast 4 saplings in a year.

Smt. Parvatamma, Officer (Retd.), Health Department explained the significance and importance of Yoga.

Sri Sandeep Manjunath, Scientist, Central Tobacco Board, Hunsur expressed his deep concern about the increasing usage of plastic among the people. “If we do not stop using plastic, entire environment will be destroyed putting the entire mankind in danger. Hence, we should all stop using plastic immediately,” he opined.

After the stage programme, about 150 school students and 100 volunteers, along with staff of ICAR JSS KVK participated in the Seed Ball sowing drive, on the tank bund in the village.

Apart from this, the staff of ICAR JSS KVK also took part in another green drive held at the Aryavaidya School in Nanjangud. Plants were distributed to all the staff and workers of the school on this occasion.

Dr. Arun Balamatti, Head ICAR JSS KVK, Suttur, speaking about the ‘World Environment Day’

Students and volunteers sowing ‘Seed Balls’ on the tank bund