JSS Old Age Home, Mysore

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JSS Old Age Home, Mysore

Many elderly persons who are in the evening of their lives have to undergo physical and mental stress devoid of filial affection and care due to declining values of intra-family relations and the societal values in general. In order to help such elderly persons gain mental poise and peace and lead a peaceful, anxiety-free life and responding to the demands of the public, an old age home, with the blessings of Jagadguru Sri Shivaratri Deshikendra Mahaswamiji, was started on 11th August 2000 at Mysore. The home can accommodate 25 inmates who are provided with free lodging, boarding, and medical care. During the current year, the Govt. Of Karnataka gave a grant of 1.96 lakhs against an expenditure of 5.52 lakh.

Among the inmates who are physically fit are trained in the manufacture of chalk piece, garlands using silk cocoons etc. Every day, the inmates join in mass prayers in the morning and evening and also spend time in the well-equipped library with newspapers, magazines, and books peacefully. On the occasions of national day celebrations and festivals, feasts are arranged and games are organized to entertain the inmates and prizes are awarded. The home was in-charge of a Manager and 7 support staff.

JSS Old Age Home, Suttur

At Suttur Shri Kshetra, an old age home with all modern amenities has been constructed. This home can accommodate 50 people. There were 17 inmates during the year.
In addition, at Suttur Shri Kshetra, another Old Age Home was run which could house about 10 inmates. All services are free here. Including a Manager, totally five personnel were maintaining the home.