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JSS Higher Primary School Santhemaralli

About JSS Higher Primary School, Santhemaralli

The primary school at Santhemaralli is located at a distance of 15 km from Chamarajanagara. The school was established in 1982 to meet the educational needs of the rural children of the place. The school which started with 30 children, is now housed in an attractive and spacious building with more than 474 students.

JSS Higher Primary School, Santhemaralli has a good infrastructure. Seminars and guest lectures by resource persons are routinely organized. Students actively take part in co-curricular activities and educational tours. Facilities such as laboratory, library, computer room, etc., have been provided. Music, drama and special classes are conducted. Group studies are encouraged.


JSS Higher Primaray School, Santhemaralli

Academics and Admissions at JSS Higher Primary School, Santhemarahalli


  • 1st Language – Kannada
  • 2nd Language – English
  • 3rd Language – Hindi

Core Subjects:

  • Mathematics
  • General Science
  • Social Science

Admission details

  • Admissions are open for LKG to 7th standard.
  • Admission is made based on the preliminary test conducted by the school. Admission is given to the students irrespective of caste and religion.

Kannada medium  students

Class Medium Strength
1st std kannada 39
2 nd std Kannada 28
3rd std kannada 38
4th std kannada 35
5th std kannada 44
6th std kannada 38
7th std kannada 38
Total 260

Nursery section

Class Medium Strength
L.K.G kannada 51
U.K.G Kannada 60
Total 111

English medium

Class Medium Strength
1st std english 34
2nd std english 20
6th std english 20
7th std english 29
Total 103

Beginning of Academic year: Last Week of May.
End of Academic year: First week of April.
Course Details: L.K.G to 7th standard.
Medium of Instruction: Kannada and English.
Admission: Students are admitted as per the government rules.
Fee structure:  As per the order of the government.


Building: The School has its own building.
Classrooms: Spacious, well-ventilated and well-equipped.
Library: Well-stocked with nearly 3,000 subject related books.
Laboratory: Well-equipped with latest experiments to facilitate practical classes.
Computer Room: Spacious with 16 computers.
Playground & Sports Materials:  There is a big playground. Sports materials are provided by the school.
Drinking water facility : Provided.
Toilet  room: Separate for boys and girls.

Activities at JSS Higher Primary School, Santhemarahalli

Cultural Activities: Students are encouraged to take part in various cultural activities like dance, music etc., conducted in other schools, and also in competitions held in Suttur every year to mark the Birth Anniversary celebrations of His Holiness Jagadguru Dr. Sri Shivaratri Rajendra Mahaswamiji.

Sports: The school conducts class-wise annual competitions and also facilitates training. Students have represented our school in national-level competitions.

National Festivals

All national festivals are celebrated with enthusiasm to instil the values of national integrity and unity in our students.

  1. Independence Day
  2. Teacher’s Day
  3. Gandhi Jayanthi
  4. Children’s Day
  5. Republic Day
  6. Ambedkar Jayanthi

Other important days like Founder’s Day, Kanankadasa Jayanathi, Valmiki Jayanthi, Basaveshwara jayanthi, Rajendra Swamiji Jayanthi  are also celebrated with equal zest.

Aided Staff

Name Designation Qualification
VIshwa  Y P Asst  head master D.Ed. M.A.
Lokamanni Asst teacher D.Ed.

Management staff

Name Designation Qualification
Nagamadesh Asst teacher D.Ed. B.A. B.Ed.
Mallikarjunaswamy V Asst teacher D.Ed. M.A
Pushpalatha Asst teacher D.Ed.
Deepika Asst teacher D.Ed. M.A. B.Ed.
Mahesh Asst teacher M.Sc., B.Ed.
Kantha Raj Asst teacher D.Ed.
Prabhu Petteacher B.A. BPED
Jyothi.K L Asst teacher D.Ed.
Abhilasha Asst teacher D.Ed.
Manasa Asst teacher B.A. D.Ed.
Yogavathi Asst teacher M.A. D.Ed.

Nursery Teachers

Jyothi M Asst teacher N.S.T
Brahamarambha Asst teacher N.S.T
Yashodha Asst teacher N.S.T
Rajesh P.U.C Attendor

JSS Higher primary School, Santhemarahalli,
Chamarajanagara Taluk and District
PIN: 571115
Phone No.: 9480663469