JSS D.Ed. College, Suttur

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JSS D.Ed. College, Suttur

JSS D.Ed. College, Suttur

About JSS D.Ed College, Suttur

JSS D.Ed College, Suttur, is one of the pioneering institutions of JSS Mahavidyapeetha, Mysuru. The institute was started in the year 1959 in Mysuru. Later, in 2001 it was shifted to Suttur in Mysuru District to cater to the needs of rural aspirants. It is a coeducational Teachers’ Training Institute. At present, the College is functioning from the second floor of the spacious JSSMVP school building in Suttur.

Surrounded by the picturesque environment, the institute stands on the banks of the River Kapila and is entirely free from pollution. It is located at a distance of 25 km from Mysuru city and 15 km from Nanjangud.

The College has an excellent infrastructure with well-equipped laboratories, including a computer lab, psychology lab, ET lab and Science lab. There is also a well-stocked library. The building has all the necessary amenities such as drinking water, hygienic restrooms, etc. The College has well-experienced faculty. The institute conforms to the norms stipulated by NCTE.

The College provides good facilities and ample opportunities for co-curricular activities. Workshops, TLM, retreat programmes and seminars are regularly conducted. Important events are zestfully celebrated. In all, the College provides an excellent forum for the all-round development of the trainees.

What is unique about the institution is its focus on kindling an interest in social service among the trainees. The institution has been consistently achieving good academic results with several distinctions. Most of the trainees who graduated from this College have secured jobs in the private and government sector.

The Alumni Association acts as a linkage between old and incumbent trainees of the College.


Course: Diploma in Elementary  Education
Duration: 2 years
Medium of Instruction: Kannada


Eligibility: S.S.L.C.
Percentage of Marks: 50% for General Category
45% for SC, ST, CI and PH
Total Intake: 150
Govt. aided: 75
Govt. unaided: 25
Management aided: 25
Management unaided: 25

Facilities at JSS D.Ed College, Suttur

  1. Well-equipped  Principal room, staff room, office room.
  2. One smart calss room.
  3. Well-furnished auditorium with 250 seats capactiy.

Classrooms: 6 well-furnished, well-ventilated and spacious classrooms.

Library and Reading Room:The college has a well-equipped, well-stocked library with more than 4,500 books (which includes text books, reference books, encyclopedia, story books, & books on general knowledge). The library has a seating capacity of 150 students. More than 20 journals and several periodicals are subscribed. Photocopying facility is also available.

Computer Lab: NCTE has introduced computer education syllabus for D.Ed. course. As per the requirement, the College has set-up a well-equipped computer centre with 70 systems, broadband internet and networking facilities. More than 100 subject-related CDs are also available in the computer centre.

Psychology Lab: The Psychology Lab is well-equipped and has multiple sets of necessary apparatus for conducting the following experiments.

  • Span of attention & division of attention
  • Muscular fatigue steadiness tests
  • Recall & Recognition tests
  • Progressive weight illusion experiment
  • Eysenck’s personality inventory test

Laboratory: E T Lab consists of LCD Projector, Television, VCD, VCR, Overhead Projector, Public Addressing System, Collar Mike, Cordless Mike, Education CDs, etc.,

General Lab includes Physical Science Lab and Natural Science Lab.  The laboratory is spacious and well-equipped to conduct simple experiments for the elementary level.  It consists of multiple sets of apparatus for both Physical Science and Natural Science. Also, chemicals for conducting simple Chemistry experiments are available in the lab. Human Anatomy models, Microscopes, Specimens, Charts Dissection Sets are available in the lab. In addition to this, nature Science Lab has a projector and slides.

Playground: The playground has a volleyball court, throwball court, ball badminton court, Kho-Kho court, basketball court and cricket Pitch.

Auditorium: The open air auditorium is beautiful and has advanced mike set and lighting facility with green room specility

Cultural Activities at JSS D.Ed. College, Suttur

  • Talent’s day is conducted for First year D.Ed. Students.
  • The inaugural function of the College is organized by the students.
  • ‘Pick & speak’ competition is held.
  • Students are assigned different responsibilities during the Jathra Mahothsava.
  • Our students participate in group dance and group song competitions held during the annual Jathra Mahothsava.
  • Quiz programme on Valmiki Ramayana is conducted
  • Competions in singing film songs, drawing rangoli, Painting, etc., are conducted during the College Annual Day celebrations.

National Festivals celebrated

  1. January 26th   – Republic Day
  2. August 15th  – Independence Day
  3. September 5th _ Teacher’s Day
  4. October 2nd – Gandhi Jayanthi
  5. November 14th – Children’s Day and other important festivals

Open day/Science Exhibition:

  1. Our students with their working models and charts participate in the Educational Exhibition conducted by the Jathra Mahothsava Committee, Suttur, every year.
  2. The students are encouraged to prepare teaching or learning materials which will be showcased before the Co-ordination Board, during their visit to our college at the end of every academic year.

Sports and other activities details with photos :

  1. NSS programmes such as a seven day Rural Annual Special Camp are conducted for the purpose of personality development of trainees.
  2. Annual Sports meets are organized. Events such as ball badminton, cricket, throwball, carrom, chess, shotput, running race, etc., are organized.

Teaching Staff

Name Qualification Designation Subject Experience
Shivaswamy S. B.Sc., M.A. M.Ed., M.phil., Principal 1. Learning facilitating learning mathematics

2. Educational evolutionary assessment

24 years
Satisha N.T. M.A. AMC Craft Teacher Value Education, Drawing 24 years
Shivamurthy N.G. M.A. M.Ed., Lecturer Education 25 years
Ambika M.A. M.Ed., Lecturer 1. Communication skills in English

2. Facilitating learning

14 years
Manjunath G.N. M.A. M.Ed., Lecturer Facilitating learning  Kannada 10years
Umesh B.A. B.P.Ed., Physical Education Lecturer Health Education 12 years

Non-teaching Staff

Name Qualification Designation Experience
Dakshayanamma H.M. B.A. SDA 24 yrs
Suri M.A. SDA 21 yrs
Mallesha M. Library Asst B.A. M. Lib., 11 yrs
Shivamallappa B.A. Attender 20 yrs
Shivashankara K. S. PUC Attender 08 yrs

JSS Teachers Training Institute
Suttur , Nanjangud Taluk,
Mysuru District – 571129
Phone: 08221-232774
Fax: 08221-232864
Email ID: jssded@rediffmail.com
Website: www.jssonline.org