JSS Public School, BSK II Stage, Bangalore

||||JSS Public School, BSK II Stage, Bangalore
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JSS Public School, BSK II Stage, Bangalore

JSS Public School, BSK II stage

About JSS Public School, BSK II stage

JSS Public School, BSK II Stage, Bangalore, was established in 1995. It is a co-educational school affiliated to CBSE board. The institution strives to achieve excellence by providing an enriched learning environment that engages both the teachers and the students. Students are trained in holistic, value-based self-development programmes that offer life skills — the school values Compassion, Respect, Justice and Equality. The learning, supportive and nourishing ambience provided at JSSPS, values each student as an individual. It is our aim to see that each student will develop all attributes and skills for lifelong learning; initiative & excellence, confidence & self-esteem, discipline & dedication, integrity & honesty and creativity with imagination. The Extensive schedule of Curriculum adopted is an amalgamation of Academics, Co-curricular, Sports and Extra-curricular activities.

Facilities at JSS Public School, BSK II satge

The school has an excellent infrastructure and is committed to being an exceptional school by making a positive difference in every student’s academic career. Apart from the core academics, the school encourages the students to take part in co-curricular, extra-curricular and sports activities.

The school houses 49 well-lit, spacious, airy and well-furnished classrooms. There is a 300 seater acoustically treated auditorium available for school and other educative programs. The teachers and students have access to a vast library well stocked with 14000 books, 10 educational journals, periodicals etc. The sceince laboratories – Physics, Chemistry, Biology are all well equipped with latest experiments. Mathematics lab enriches knowledge with hands on experience. Students are introduced to the latest technologies in the Computer lab which hosts 40 updated systems with network connections.