JSS Public School, Bage, Sakleshpur

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JSS Public School, Bage, Sakleshpur

JSS Public School, Sakleshpur- Bage
Dr. Abdul Kalam at JSS Public School, Sakleshpur - Bage

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About JSS Public School, Bage

The Public School by JSSMVP in Sakleshpur was established in 2006. The school is situated in the lush green landscape amidst the coffee plantations of sakleshpur. It is a co-educational and a residential school affiliated to CBSE. The school is well-equipped with the best facilities to meet the current standards of education.

Our Mission

JSS Public School, Bage, was established with the mission to impart outstanding education at nursery, primary & secondary school levels.

Our Vision

The School aims to develop human beings with clarity of purpose by imparting value-based education that goes beyond mere knowledge and intelligence.


The institution has best in class facilities to meet the requirements of a modern education system. The school has well-equipped science laboratories. The lab houses latest experiments and specimen to enable the children acquire practical knowledge. The institution also has a lingua lab to assist the school students learn languages. A computer lab well-equipped with latest systems and well-networked is available on-campus. The students are assisted by a faculty to learn computer related subjects. A well-stocked and digitized library is there in the school campus. The library houses a large college of books which are related to academics, literature, fiction, encyclopedias etc. The school subscribes to many journals and magazines to assist the students in learning. The institution also believes that a healthy body is essential to achieve personal as well as professional goals. Hence, students are encouraged to take part in various sports activities under the guidance of a physical education trainer. They play many indoor and out door sports. The school houses a vast playground and a well-equipped sports room.