Lack of proper organising and leadership are the reasons for farmers problems today – Sri Amshi Prasannakumar

Mysuru, April 30, 2019: “Absence of farmer movements is the reason for the farmers’ problems. The need for proper organising of farmers and good leadership has become very essential today than ever before,” opined Sri Amshi Prasannakumar, Assistant Editor, Kannadaprabha Newspaper.

He participated as the Chief guest of the programme titled ‘Annadaatara Atmakathe’, a student-focused seminar, held at the JSS College of Arts, Commerce and Science, B.N. Road, Mysuru, organized by the Kannada PG Department of the College. In his address, he said “Farmers have to work hard, the lives of farmers will not flourish from the colourful city life. Farmers should utilize government schemes and programmes properly and undertake farming activities. They should adopt the scientific, organic and natural farming methods along with indigenous methods. Today incidents of farmers suicides have increased than ever before. Hence, efforts should be made to encourage and motivate them and make their lives better. The role of media is important in this regard. As a journalist, I have a concern for farmers and I have written this book titled ‘Annadaatara Atmakathe’. Farmers should win, they should live. Soldiers and farmers are the strength of our country. They should not suffer, which is the essence of my book,” he explained.

Prof. B.V. Sambashivaiah inaugurated the programme and presided. In his address, he said, “All of us are witnessing several farmers issues through the media daily, and news of farmers suicides have become common. While the farmers are facing the problem of huge debts on the one side, the shortage of rainfall has made their lives dismal, and that is the reality. Despite all this, we have failed in finding a permanent solution to their problems. Hence everyone, including the government, NGOs, intellectuals, etc., has to think about it. There might be thousands of reasons for farmers suicides. But they are the one’s who give us food, they shouldn’t commit suicide. Efforts should be made to promote and motivate them. The book penned by Sri Amshi Prasannakumar ‘Annadaatara Atmakathe’ speaks about this. In this book the farmer wins, it has a concern towards the farmers. Hence, efforts should be made to reach the message to the farmers. Educated and literature lovers should read this book and discuss,” he advised.

Students Kum. R.S. Ranjita and Sri V. Kiran presented essays about the book. Prof. M. Mahadevappa, Principal, was present on the dais. Dr. B.S. Sudeep, HoD of Kannada PG Department made the introductory speech and welcomed all. Kum. Jyothi N. Bhat gave an invocation and Sri Madegowda gave a vote of thanks. Kum. Nandini compered.

Lecturers and students participated in the interaction.