Ugadi festival and birthday celebrations of Allama Prabhu


Suttur, Mar. 29, 2017: Special programmes as part of Ugadi festival and birthday celebrations of Allama Prabhu were held at Suttur in the divine presence of His Holiness Jagadguru Sri Shivarathri Deshikendra Swamiji.

Around 10 decorated bullock carts in pairs left the Sri Math in the morning in a procession, along with various performing art teams, to the fields where the land was worshipped and agriculture activity was kicked off. Special pooja was done to the shrine of Adijagadguru Sri Shivarathreeshwara Shivayogigalu and Silver Chariot Prakarothsava was done by the devotees. Special poojas were also held at Sri Someshwaraswamy, Sri Mahadeshwaraswamy, Sri Veerabhadreshwaraswamy and Sri Narayanaswamy temples at Sri Suttur Kshetra.

Delivering a lecture on Allama Prabhu, Prof. C. P. Siddashrama, Retired Lecturer, Mysore University said, “describing Allama Prabhu will be like the story of five blind persons describing an elephant, each touching a different body parts.”

Mentioning a quote of Allama Prabhu “Saasiveyasthu Sukhakke Saagarashtu Dukha Noda” (sea of sadness for want of little happiness), he said it meant, “if we peruse worldly life, we can find that desires are the illusions of mind.” Allamaprabha also preached to search for god in our body, he added.

Dr. K. G. Puttahonnaiah, President, Bharatiya Jyotirvijnana Samshodana Kendra, Mysuru and Alamanac Publisher read the Hindu almanac of the new year. The Sri Shivarathreeshwara Almanac of Sri Hevalambi Samvatsara has religious related life thought. In the almanac, mathematics of Drik philosophy, latitudes and longitudes have been used and detailed information on solar system, planetary motion, Dwadasha Rashi and Vaastu Shastra have been provided. Our ancestors had a thorough knowledge of astrology and their knowledge is seen in the almanac, he said.

Sri K. S. Venkatesh, Astrology Professor, Divyajyothi College, Bengaluru, expressed his view that the Sri Shivarathreeshwara panchanga is being published in such a way that it can be easily understood by anybody. “All the traditional procedures have been explained in a very simple manner. It is like an encyclopedia for astrological researchers. It also has information about celebrating Kumbhamelas,” he added.

Music teachers of Suttur School presented the singing programme. Prof. Mallana welcome and lecturer M. S. Bhaskar compered. Sri Haraguru Charamurthy and hundreds of devotees were present.