The Spiritual Mission is currently engaged in the following activities

Pooja/Seva Activities

Everyday Pooja activities are undertaken both in the morning and in the evening. Special poojas are offered on festival and auspicious days. On request from devotees, various poojas according to Hindu tradition are also undertaken by learned and qualified priests who have made US their home.


Weekend yoga classes are organized which benefit a large number of enthusiastic participants at present. Meditation, Pranayama and Asanas form part of the classes. The Mission also plans to provide yoga workshops for corporate customers with the support of its own yoga experts. It is also intended to have yoga training programs on week days at the residences of individuals for small groups.

Religious & Cultural Events

Opportunities are being created for understanding and appreciating values present in Indian scriptures, culture and music through lecture series, music concerts etc. Renowned practicing philosophers like Siddeshwara Swamiji have been delivering series of lectures on various topics during visits to the USA.

The Mission has also started organizing music concerts. Mr. Mysore Nagaraj and Dr. M. Manjunath started this activity with their performance on July 3rd 2006. Arrangements are also being made to invite accomplished artists from India in different fields in association with the Indian Council of Cultural Relations.

We also have plans to make the multi-purpose community hall available to other organizations/individuals to arrange social gatherings, promotion of art, culture, marriages, birthday celebrations and such other functions of social and cultural values.

Languages, Sholka, Vachana, Sanskrit recital & Bhajan Classes

At present children and adults are provide opportunities to learn Kannada Language, Sanskrit Shlokas and Bhajans. The Mission has plans to organize Sanskrit, Hindi, Tamil and Telagu language classes.