Through social service medical professionals can make a great impact on society – Dr. R. Balasubramaniam


Mysuru, April 06, 2018: The JSS MVP had organised a personality development workshop titled ‘Retreat for Medical Students,’ at the Suttur Srikshetra, for JSS Medical College students, in the divine presence of Paramapujya Jagadguru Sri Shivarathri Deshikendra Mahaswamiji and Parampujya Sri Siddeshwara Swamiji.

Development scholar and leadership trainer Dr R. Balasubramaniam inaugurated the programme. He delivered a lecture on ‘Leadership Characteristics and Social Service’. “To become a successful leader a person should have honesty, skills and efficiency to provide power, should have good communication skills, self-confidence, trust, courage, generosity, management skills, positive attitude, proper direction, thinking and should be capable of making an influence on the actions. Social service is like a glowing lamp from which hundreds of other lamps can be lighted making the entire world glow. The light that emits from this is a symbol of peace. Medical professionals can light such lamps and glow the entire world,” he added.

Sri Siddeshwara Mahaswamiji gave a discourse on ‘Spirituality in Personality Development’. “Being rich by heart is more important than having material wealth. Hence you should enhance your wealth of heart and live in this society. Money is an attraction. It doesn’t give us satisfaction. The medical profession is a very noble profession. You don’t have to do anything. Your service speaks everything. You should learn to lead a peaceful life and should sacrifice for the society,” he said.

Nadoja Dr P. S. Shankar delivered a lecture on ‘Ethics in Medical Profession’. Recalling the services of ancient medical professionals like Hippocrates and Charaka, he advised the students to develop accountability, patience, attitude and skills that are essential for their profession and value human beings rather than money and lead a meaningful life.

In his talk on ‘Role of Health in Personality Development,’ Dr. M.S. Visveswaraiah observed, “A strong body will have a strong mind. Every person has a personality; every person is a rare character. Every person is wonderful. But crores of people are not living a wonderful life. They are neglecting their lives. A person should have good health if his personality has to improve. Meditation and spirituality are a must for good health. Spirituality is very good and very simple. It is very beneficial for us in developing good health and improves our personality.”
The workshop commenced with an invocation and yoga. Traditional games were conducted to create awareness among the medical students about folk and traditional games. All of them took part in all the activities enthusiastically. The event ended with a cultural programme by the students.