SASYA SAMBHRAMA – 2017 – World Environment DAY Celebration


World Environment Day, the largest most globally celebrated day for positive environmental action, was celebrated in JSS Ayurveda Medical College under the banner SASYA SAMBHRAMA – 2017 by department of Dravyaguna to counter particularly pressing environmental concerns.

This year’s theme, “Connecting people to Nature”, urges people to set outdoors and into nature. So be a part of the celebration and use this as an opportunity to share our ideas and activities in making the planet cleaner, greener and brighter.

Sri Vijyakumar, RFO, presided over the event and administrated oath to the staff and students to plant more trees and conserve them. This makes the environment greener, weather cooler and the Earth a happier place to live in.

Sri Shivashankarppa, Director Horticulture Department, JSS Mahavidyapeetha in his address to gathering, asked the students to take care of the plants which they are plating and informed them to bring awareness among the public about the medicinal value of plants.

Sri R. Mahesh, Director, Medical Education Division in his address speech expressed happiness in making JSS Ayurveda College a green campus and requested all the faculty and students to plat saplings on all special occasions.