‘Samskruthotsava’ held at JSS college


Mysuru, January 1, 2018: “Poet Kalidasa was known as a great poet. He was called ‘Kavikulaguru’, and he is famous for his parables (moral stories),” observed Dr H.V. Nagarajarao, Retired Researcher, Archaeological Research Center.

He participated in a cultural fair and special lecture programme held at the JSS Arts, Commerce and Science College, in Mysuru, on January 2, 2018.

In his lecture on ‘Kalidasa’s Poetry’, he recited a shloka written by Kalidasa in his epic Raghuvamsha mandhavimarshapraarthi gamashfyamyuhaasyamtaam| Praamushubhyephale lobhaadudwaahurivavaamanaha|| and explained the humble nature of the great poet and how accordingly he has spread Indian culture to the world through his stories. “Kalidasa toured the world to understand and experience different cultures and thus became the son of goddess Vagdevi. His mastery over literature is visible through his seven epics, and thus he became a guide for his next generation poets,” he added.

Reciting the shloka “Kavyeshu naatakam ramya tatrarmya shakuntala, tatraapicha chaturthoankaha tatrashloka chatushtyam” he said that plays are most interesting among epics and Kalidasa’s play ‘Shakuntala’ is evergreen. “The essence of Kalidasa is known only to him or goddess Saraswathi or Brahma”, he said. He observed that by studying Sanskrit one can get a lot of benefits and hence advised the students to study Sanskrit to gain more knowledge of any language.

College CEO Prof. B.V. Sambashivaiah presided over the programme. In his address, he said Sanskrit helps in improving accent, and it also provides a lot of knowledge. Hence, he advised one should study great epics like the Vedas and Ramayana and increase the wealth of knowledge.

Degree College Principal Prof. M. Mahadevappa, PU College Principal Sri S. Somashekar were present. Sanskrit Department students gave an invocation. Prof. M. Vishwanath welcomed the guests and the gathering. Sanskrit Department lecturer Smt. Dr M.S. Komala gave a vote of thanks.