Role of technology in the development of the educational sector is significant – Sri P. Balasubramanya


Kollegal, June 29, 2018: “Technology that is playing a vital role in the development of almost all the sectors is also playing a significant role in the improvement of the educational sector,” opined Sri P. Balasubrayamanya, Librarian, Government Women’s College, Chamarajanagara.

He participated in the inaugural function of the E-Resource Center and delivered a special lecture on “Utilisation of E-Resources in Educational Sector,” held at the JSS Women’s College, in Chamarajanagara, organised by the Department of Library and Information Center of the College.

“Technology has penetrated into almost all the sectors today. It has created a new revolution, especially in the educational sector. Various websites, digital library, smart classroom concept, tele-education, e-content, etc., have brought a tremendous change and improvement in student’s learning procedures and quality. It has also helped to increase the concentration, understanding capabilities of the students. Technology has helped even students learning in remote areas also to get a quality education that is available in urban areas,” he said.

Prof. Umesh presided over the programme. “Information and Technology sector has gained a lot of significance in this competitive era. Teachers should utilise technology effectively to teach new things to the students. Basic technological infrastructure should be made available in all the schools and colleges. Different methods of education-related services like coordinating information, communication, technology for improvement of qualitative education, preparation of e-content and including it to the website in a lightning speed should be made available to the students,” he added.

Sri Srinivas, Librarian, and Sri H. G. Natarajan, Assistant Lecturer, History, were present on the dais. Kum. Anjana welcomed and gave a vote of thanks.