Post-graduate Institutes

In the academic year 2001-02, MSW (Masters Degree in Social Work) course was started at the JSS Arts, Commerce and Science College, Ooty Road, Mysuru. During the year 2010-11, there were 76 students (53 boys and 23 girls) purusing this course. The college introduced MSc in Biotechnology in the year 2006-07, with 25 students (06 boys and 21 girls) joining the course. In the same year MSc in Biochemistry was introduced with admission to 40 students (06 boys and 34 girls). In the year 2010-11, MSc in Computer Science was introduced with enrolment of 73 students (18 boys and 55 girls). In the same year MCom was started with admission of 106 students (69 boys and 37 girls).

The department of M.A. Kannada was started during the academic year 2011-12 and 21 students (13 boys and 08 girls) enrolled for the course. MSc Chemistry Department was started and 28 students (12 boys and 16 girls) were admitted for the programme. MSc in Physics was also stared in the same year with a strength of 33 students (15 boys and 18 girls).

JSS Women’s College in Kollegal has also started MCom course. 79 girls were pursuing MCom during the year 2011-12.