Our nation can become stronger by the youth – Prof. Umesh


Kollegal, October 6, 2018: “Building a clean and stronger nation, that is in the forefront in all the sectors, can be possible only by the youth,” opined Prof. Umesh.
He inaugurated “Know about India”, a quiz competition held at the JSS Women’s College, jointly organized by the JSS Women’s College, Youth Red Cross Society unit, in association with the Bharath Vikas Parishath.

“In the year 1991, many countries used to call India as the biggest loanmonger and greedy country. Out of the total loans disbursed from the International Development Organization, a subsidiary of the World Bank, the share of India alone was about 40 percent. But, in the year 2016, our country became a member of a federation of the 20 strongest countries in the world, which shows our economic progress. It has been possible by the youth power of this country,” he said.

In his presidential address Sri Venkatachala, President, Bharath Vikas Parishath, Kollegal Chapter said, “Today the entire world loves our country because of our good culture, and our constitution, which is considered as one of the best in the entire world, is being respected by all. Our leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Ambedkar and others have taught us tolerance. Our country is also one of the fastest growing economies of the world today and galloping towards becoming a superpower. Our youth are very talented and they should develop love for the country and use their talent to serve the nation.”

Sri G.P. Nagarajappa, Sri B. N. Shivashankar, Sri Mahadevaswamy, Sri Mahadevaswamy, and Sri Sundarappa were present on the dais.

On this occasion, prizes were distributed for the winners of the quiz programme.