JSS Higher Primary School wins hobli-level sports event


Suttur, July 31, 2017: The Biligere hobli-level sports meet was held at the JSS School grounds in Suttur. 50 girls and 50 boys from the JSS Higher Primary School took part in various sports events and won several prizes.

The winners of various events are as follows: Boys Category – Kiran, 7th ‘B’ (100 m race – First place), Shivananda, 7th ‘H’ (200 m – First place), Ashok, 6th ‘C’ (400 m – Second place), Adithya, 7th ‘D’ – (600 m – First place); Huligeppa, 7th ‘B’ (Disc Throw and Shot Put – First place); Shivananda, 7th ‘H’ (Long jump, High jump – First place); Huligeppa and team (4×100 m relay – First place).

Girls category – Akshata, 7th ‘C’ (200 m – First place), Rajeshwari, 7th ‘C’ (400 m – First place and 600 m – First place), Simple Raj, 7th ‘B’ (Shot put – First place), Anithadevi, 7th ‘B’ (Disc throw – First place); 7th ‘B’ (High Jump, Long jump – Second); Simple Raj, 7th ‘B’ (Long Jump – Second place) and Rajeshwari and Team (4×100 m relay – First place).

Boys category – Shivananda, 7th ‘H’ and Girls Category – Rajeshwari, 7th C’ have secured the championship.

In group games, under boys category, the school secured first place in throw ball, second place in Kho Kho, third place in Volleyball and girls category – first place in Kho Kho, first place in Volleyball and first place in Kabbadi, second place in throw ball. The winners will now play in the taluk-level sports meet.

Institution Administrator Sri S. P. Udayashankar, teachers and headmaster have congratulated all the winners and their trainer and physical education teacher.